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Democracy Project

The Rollins College Democracy Project, aligned with the college’s mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership, prepares students with knowledge and skills to actively engage in our democratic processes.

The Rollins College Democracy Project is a nonpartisan, student-led initiative dedicated to the idea that civic engagement is critical to our future. We are students who are passionate about promoting democracy and creating opportunities for fellow students to learn about and discuss process, issues, and candidates. Our purpose is simple: encourage and empower Rollins students to be civically engaged, whether they’re eligible to vote or not.

Check your voter registration status at: Follow us on Instagram.

Do you live on campus? You can register to vote with the Rollins address and your mailbox number:
1000 Holt Ave. (#1234)
Winter Park, FL 32789

You also have the option to register with your home address and vote-by-mail instead. Just be sure to have your ballot sent to your campus mailbox if you will be at Rollins during the election.

Interested in exploring civic engagement even further? The Department of Political Science offers a minor in civic engagement



(407) 691-1232

Chloe White
Student Coordinator

Advisor, Associate Director in CLCE