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Office of Institutional Analytics


Rollins has many areas to celebrate, based on the results of the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction survey.

The Best Aspects of Working at Rollins

The survey asked respondents to identify "the two best aspects of working at Rollins."  Below are the overall winners.

Two of the most common responses were Quality of Colleagues and Support of Colleagues.  Rollins is often described as being a "relational" campus, and Rollins faculty agree:  they enjoy working with each other.

It will surprise no one that Rollins faculty like where they work--not just working on "America's most beautiful campus," but also working and living in the Winter Park/Orlando area of central Florida.

One of the main reasons why faculty choose to work at a place like Rollins College is because they love to teach. But Rollins faculty don't just love to teach. They love to teach Rollins students

Areas of Strength

The summary report of the COACHE survey begins by identifying the strengths and concerns indicated by comparing Rollins College's survey data with comparison institutions. The report listed nine areas of strength and zero areas of concern. The nine strengths fall into the following three themes:

Given the frequency of faculty selecting "Quality of Colleagues" and "Support of Colleagues" as "Two Best Aspects" of working at Rollins (see above), it's not surprising that Collaboration was also identified as one of our strengths.

Five of our nine strengths focus on some form of institutional infrastructure: "Leadership: Faculty," "Governance: Adaptability," "Governance: Productivity," "Governance: Shared Sense of Purpose," and "Governance: Understanding the Issue at Hand."

Three of the nine strengths compared to our peer institutions relate to tenure and promotion: "Promotion to Full," "Tenure Expectations: Clarity," and "Tenure Policies."