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Office of Institutional Analytics

COACHE Actions Taken

The analysis of the qualitative comments and a deeper analysis of the quantitative data will provide a clearer picture of what actions need to be taken. 

In the meantime, below, you'll find a growing list of actions responding to the preliminary COACHE findings (the summary report and the supplemental report on workload).

The summary report provided by COACHE is a "10,000 feet" view of aggregate quantitative data, which provides some snapshots of overall responses and responses by specific groups, as well as some themes to expore further.

Drawing on these themes and lines of inquiry provided by the faculty, the next step is a deeper dive into the quantititative data and a qualitative analysis of the many comments that make up the survey data.  

Meghal Parikh (Director of Institutional Analytics) continues delving into the quantitative data, and the Provost has hired Maria Rising (a doctoral student at Michigan State U) and Vicki Baker (a professor who studies faculty professional development at Albion College) to conduct our qualitative analysis for the COACHE survey, allowing us to obtain some inter-rater reliability in this analysis.

The Diversity Council is rebooting the faculty of color affinity group that used to be called Common Vision.  

The Provost's Office and the Endeavor Center are supporting a three-month book group on Building Gender Equity in the Academy: Institutional Strategies for Change, which also has monthly Zoom sessions with the authors. The goal is for this group to develop some specific proposals to carry forward on campus.

The Provost, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Endeavor Center Director are representing Rollins in a three-institution team working on "Multiple Measures for Evaluating Teaching" as part of a larger group through the Associated Colleges of the South/ACS, funded by an Arthur Vining Davis Grant. The other teams are working on “Student Evaluations of Teaching,” “Holistic Measures of Excellence,” and “Developmental Approaches and Mentoring.”  The goal is to build resources for all ACS campuses.