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Office of Institutional Analytics


COACHE is the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, a research-practice partnership within the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a network of 300 peer institutions dedicated to improving outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention. Their Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey collects faculty perspectives on their work experiences in order to identify the drivers of faculty success and to implement informed changes.


The Survey

From February 13 to April 10, 2020, Rollins College administered the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey to all full-time faculty. 62% of all full-time faculty at Rollins responded to the survey.

The Results

In the early fall of 2020, COACHE sent a summary report and shared the data with Rollins College's Director of Institutional Analytics.  The report was shared with the Faculty Advisory Committee, so they could plan the debriefing with the broader faculty, including hosting a series of conversations.  This initial report gives us many reasons to celebrate, but also leads to some good questions about where we need to take action, including where we need to know more.

Faculty Debriefs

In the fall of 2020, the COACHE Faculty Advisory Committee hosted 10 faculty feedback sessions to share the results and gather feedback for further analysis of the data.  From the faculty conversations above, the Faculty Advisory Committee provided some recommended lines of inquiry for further analysis of the data.

Further Analysis of Data

Based on the faculty feedback, Meghal Parikh (Director of Institutional Analytics) is now diving deeply into the quantitative data, and an external qualitative researcher is analyzing the qualitative comments.  These complementary analyses will provide a finer and more nuanced understanding of faculty experiences, which will inform us in developing programs, practices, and plans for supporting faculty. 

Taking Action

To follow the actions taken as a result of COACHE's initial report and the subsequent analyses, see the Actions Taken page.

Questions or comments? See the FAQ, or reach out to the Faculty Advisory Committee or Project Leaders.

Results & Reports

Response Rate

Rollins College had a response rate of 62% among all faculty. For a breakdown of response rates by groups of faculty, click here.

Summary Report from COACHE

COACHE provided an initial report that provided a 10,000-foot summary with highlights from the aggregated data within Rollins and with comparison institutions.  Below are a few ways to view the report:

Reports on Additional Questions from Rollins

Rollins added a few additional customized questions to learn more about the perspectives and experiences of Rollins faculty. The reports for each will be posted below when available.


Questions or comments? See the FAQ, or reach out to the Faculty Advisory Committee or Project Leaders.