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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Faculty Evaluation Resources

Below are three sites developed by the Endeavor Center to support faculty evaluation processes at Rollins.  

This Faculty Evaluation site pulls together information about all of the faculty evaluation processes at Rollins, including annual reviews, the FSAR, reviews leading up to and including tenure and promotion, post-tenure review, promotion to senior lecturer, and sabbaticals. 

For each milestone, you'll find links to key institutional documents, a timeline, and required materials.  For some, you'll also find links to guidance and support.

This How to Document Effective Teaching site offers a framework and plenty of guidance on using multiple kinds of evidence from multiple points of view to more fully represent your teaching when you're up for review.

This Peer Evaluation of Teaching site offers resources to develop a process and plenty of tools for evaluating your peers' teaching.  It includes a section on classroom observations, another section on evaluating teaching narratives and artifacts, and a final section on analyzing students' perspectives of teaching.