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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Faculty Development News

In addition to "This Week in Faculty Development" emailed every Monday morning and the occasional email, there are several ways to follow news, activities, stories, resources, and announcements from the Endeavor Center.  See below for details.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

The faculty development schedule brings together the many faculty development activities from across campus.  See the schedule on the Endeavor Center's home page or the "Current Schedule" page.

To be included in this comprehensive calendar, follow these simple instructions.

Newsletter & Social Media

See below for an archive of the newsletter, a link to the Endeavor Center's blog, and a collection of occasional Tweets.

Monthly Newsletters

The monthly e-newsletter of the Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development is emailed to all faculty at the beginning of the month.  Archives of previous issues are below. 

If you'd like your faculty development activities to appear on this calendar, email Nancy Chick, and she'll include you in her regular call for materials.

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AY 2021-22

AY 2020-21

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AY 2018-19

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Visit the ROLLINSpire blog for stories and resources. 

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The Endeavor Center also has a Twitter account for sharing highlights from helpful readings and other substantive resources (schedule permitting).  See our live feed below.