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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

New Faculty

New Faculty

Rollins College is committed to supporting its new faculty members -- both full-time (i.e. tenure-track, visitors, lecturers) and part-time faculty (i.e. adjuncts).  All of the Endeavor Center's regular activities (see schedule) are open to full-time and part-time faculty -- unless otherwise noted, as in programming for pre-tenured faculty working towards tenure or other specific cohorts.


The Welcome Resources page from the Office of the Dean offers a collection of links for faculty pre-arrival and onboarding tasks.

The "How Can We Help? A New Faculty FAQ from Campus Partners, Fall 2022" is designed to orient all new faculty to the support and partnerships available at Rollins.


The Endeavor Center facilitates programming to welcome and orient each cohort of new full-time faculty. 

New Faculty Orientation (August 15, 17, & 19)
  • This orientation, which takes place a week before each fall semester, is specifically designed to welcome new faculty to campus and prepare them for their first semester of classes.  View the schedule here.
New Faculty Meetings (Monthly)
  • These monthly meetings -- bring your own lunch -- will take place throughout a new faculty member's first academic year, to provide them with ongoing support, development, and opportunities to connect with key partners across campus. 
  • The dates are Sept 29, Oct 20, Nov 10, & Dec 1 for fall, and Feb 2, March 2, & April 6 for spring--all from 12:30-1:45pm in the Faculty Club, except for Oct 20, which is in KWR 310.


Mentors are assigned by the Dean each year to provide more individualized support for new faculty members.  Mentors will be in relevant roles (full-time faculty, visiting assistant professor, lecturer) but different departments, to complement the guidance and support provided by department chairs, mentors, and colleagues.

We will tailor the structure of the mentoring program to the size, makeup, and needs of each cohort of new faculty.

In addition, we are inspired by Beronda Montgomery's November 2019 visit to Rollins, in which she shared her ideas on mentoring networks. See the following for more information: 

We will be revisiting the role and structure of mentoring new and not-new faculty at Rollins.