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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

The Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development is the campus hub for faculty development. 

The Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development partners with campus colleagues to support all faculty in the development of the interwoven aspects of teaching, scholarship, and service at a liberal arts college.  The Center is specifically focused on supporting faculty in their work as teachers and teacher-scholars, and the campus in its educational mission to advance student learning through innovative and evidence-based teaching. To this end, it offers consultations and programming to support individual faculty across the professional lifecycle, work with departments and programs in their efforts to teach in context, and contribute to the college's culture of teaching and learning. 

In addition to serving as a communications hub for the faculty development activities offered across campus, the Endeavor Center offers services for individual faculty as well as departments, programs, and committees. Regular workshops, Lunch & Learn conversations, course (re)design programming, book groups, confidential consultations, and small funds for teaching squares and other activities are available to individual faculty.  Consultations, conversations, and collaborative programs are available to departments, programs, and relevant committees.

Ultimately, the Center contributes to the Rollins College mission by empowering faculty to maintain meaningful professional lives and productive careers, and to practice teaching inspired by the liberal arts ethos and the principles of excellence, innovation, and community. 

What is faculty development? Called academic development or educational development in other parts of the world, faculty development is the professional support of faculty in their roles as teachers and scholars in higher education.  See more here.

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