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Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Teaching Resources

The Office of the Dean of The Faculty is dedicated to enhancing our students’ learning experiences by furthering the skills of our faculty in the classroom.

Resource Forms for Faculty

Academic Honor Code ReferralPlease complete the form to report a violation of the Academic Honor Code.

Class Schedule Change Form - Please use this form to submit changes or corrections to the course schedule. 

Classroom Request Form - Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee your request will be able to be processed.

Department Chair Course Substitution/Exception Form - Please complete this form for each approved course substitution/exception within the student’s major or minor. You can only complete this form for courses that are on the student’s current academic record. If they have not yet registered for the course, please complete this form after they have and the course appears on their record as In Progress. If the course has not yet been transferred in as transfer credit, please complete this form after transfer credit have been processed. If there are numerous exceptions for one student, please notate this in Additional Information.

ECMP Designation Request Form - Please submit your request for an ECMP course designation using the form below.  Only faculty who have completed the ECMP training are eligible to teach an ECMP course. 

Faculty Position Request Form - Tenure track - Please submit your request for new faculty using this link.

Faculty Position Request Form - Visiting Positions- Lecturer/Artist in Residence - please submit this form for unforeseen vacancies or needs for the upcoming academic year.

rFLA Course Confirmation Form - This form is for courses previously taught in the RFLA general education curriculum. Submissions include updates to course titles, caps, locations, times, descriptions, and other scheduling logistics.  

rFLA New Course Submission Form - Please use this form for submitting a new course to be taught in the Foundations program. 

Honors Course Proposals - Please use this form to submit your Honors course. Program overview: HON 201 and 202 are the RCC and first-year classes.  300 and 350 will likely be sophomore students. 350-level classes must have a scientist as one of the instructors.  400-level courses should follow the Your Last Lecture format where students have interdisciplinary lectures from different professors and give a presentation to a community group beyond Rollins; instructors will serve primarily as organizers and facilitators. If you would like to teach HON 400, you will not need to complete this proposal, but please e-mail your interest to Ashley Kistler ( 

Major/Minor map access - Please use this form to access major and minor maps.  Rollins credentials required.

RCC Faculty Course Submission - Please use this form to submit your RCC course for approval.

Syllabi Statements

Faculty must include a copy of the Accessibility Statement, the Academic Honor Code statement, the Credit Hour Statement, Title lX statement, and Excused Absences -Religious Holidays and Athletics.  You can click this link to find the most up to date versions of these syllabi statements.  For your convenience, you can add the links to these statements to any digital version of your syllabus. Link to the syllabi statements

Academic Honor Council

The Rollins Honor Code

Rollins College is an educational environment dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement, personal development, and social responsibility. We believe that students achieve these objectives through their academics, yet the College recognizes that students learn just as much from their experiences outside of the classroom. Given this understanding, the College has developed The Rollins Honor Code, which aligns the Academic Honor Code and the Code of Community Standards.

Gabriel Barreneche

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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to participate in and benefit from all curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Rollins College. This is accomplished through collaboration with faculty and staff to remove barriers, creating accessible learning environments.