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Dean of The Faculty

Teaching Resources

The Office of the Dean of The Faculty is dedicated to enhancing our students’ learning experiences by furthering the skills of our faculty in the classroom.

Syllabi Statements

Faculty must include a copy of the Accessibility Statement, the Academic Honor Code statement, the Credit Hour Statement, Title lX statement, and Excused Absences -Religious Holidays and Athletics.  You can click this link to find the most up to date versions of these syllabi statements.  For your convenience, you can add the links to these statements to any digital version of your syllabus. Link to the syllabi statements

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to participate in and benefit from all curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Rollins College. This is accomplished through collaboration with faculty and staff to remove barriers, creating accessible learning environments.

Academic Honor Council

The Rollins Honor Code

Rollins College is an educational environment dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement, personal development, and social responsibility. We believe that students achieve these objectives through their academics, yet the College recognizes that students learn just as much from their experiences outside of the classroom. Given this understanding, the College has developed The Rollins Honor Code, which aligns the Academic Honor Code and the Code of Community Standards.

Gabriel Barreneche

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Tutoring and Writing Center

Tutoring & Writing Center

As content tutors who have been nominated by our professors, we know the courses we tutor and the professors who teach them. We can help you practice problem-solving, clarify the assignments you’re working on, and develop with you more effective ways to learn from your course materials. 

Front Desk: (407) 646-2521

Lane Gordon
Director, Tutoring and Writing Center

Mistie Wollard
Associate Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center