Immersion: Citizens Take Action

Through Rollins Immersion participants are taken outside the Rollins community borders and immersed in activities and projects based on need-areas identified by community agencies and Rollins. Trained faculty, staff and student site leaders provide direction and support for participants during their weekend journey of education, reflection and action.

BIG Challenges. TOUGH Questions. LARGE Impacts.

Rollins Immersion exposes students to critical cultural, social, political and structural issues in the community through weekend and weeklong projects of civic and community engagement throughout the academic year. Learn More

Vision and Mission

Mission Rooted in the academic mission of Rollins to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, Rollins Immersion is the commitment to engage students, faculty, and staff in communities in Florida and beyond through weekends (and sometimes week-long) experiences of education, reflection, and action.   

Vision Through direct community engagement, leadership development, multicultural education, discussion and pre/reflection activities students will be immersed in the big challenges and questions that face communities in the 21st Century.  

Upcoming Opportunities

  • 1st-Year Labor Day Immersion (September 2nd - September 4th)
  • Habitat for Humanity Immersion (September 23rd - September 25th)
  • Fall Break Immersion (October 9th - October 13th)
  • Hot & Sweaty in the Swamp 1st-Year Immersion (October 7th - October 11th)
  • November Immersion (November 11th - November 13th)
  • Winter Intercession Immersion (TBD)

Immersion Planning Team

Forms and Checklists

Immersion Funding Proposal

Immersion Checklist