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Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

Rita Bornstein Student Leadership Forum

The Rita Bornstein Student Leadership Forum is a program in honor of past Rollins President Rita Bornstein and her extraordinary leadership of Rollins College.

Because of Rita Bornstein’s commitment to educating students for leadership in their careers and communities, the Rita Bornstein Student Leadership Forum will create the opportunity for Rollins students to enrich their educational experience through a special interactive program that brings demonstrated leaders to campus.

Each Bornstein Student Leadership Forum seeks to help students develop an understanding of real-world leadership in preparation for their own active leadership. Our goal is that the interaction students have with respected leaders will help each one recognize and value different qualities and styles of leadership, as well as inspire their own personal leadership development.

Upcoming Events


What students say about the RBSFL:

“I learned many different tips and techniques for being the best possible leader I can be.” 

“Mr.Jolly (previous RBSLF presenter) was a phenomenal speaker and it was wonderful that he spoke at Rollins.” 

“How personal it was. Didn’t feel like it was a boring lecture at all. Speaker was totally awesome! More speakers like him please!”

“Opened my eyes to what it means to be a leader and what is important in business and life.”

“Great presentation / Quaint / Cozy / Personable / Entertaining…”

Laila Bowden ’90: Condiment Revolution – A Taste of Leadership through Entrepreneurial Impact

Adam Lowy: Move for Hunger

Mitch Hedlund: Sustainability and Leadership

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff! With Kelly Senn

One Leader's Journey: Meg Gilbert Crofton '75

Kavi Ade: Poet -  Performer - Gender Genie on Identity and Social Justice

An Evening with John Rivers: BBQ and Business Legend

Painting with a Pulse: Self-Care and Expression through Remembering Those Lives Lost

Phil Kaye - Project Voice

Frank Warren - PostSecret Live!