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Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

Emerging Leadership Institute

The Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI) is a weekend-long experience aimed to facilitate the empowerment, development, and fellowship of first- and second-year emerging leaders.

The primary focus of the weekend is actively developing ethical, positive, and caring leaders through discourse, interactive workshops, reflection, and fun!

The Emerging Leadership Institute seeks to bring together the most promising emerging leaders on campus to develop as individuals and leaders, grow more cohesive as a community of leaders, and experience their community in a unique way while allowing current established leaders to facilitate the experience and further them in the leadership development process.

2021-2022 Facilitators

  • Zachary Mendez
  • Brenden Manning
  • Taryn Green
  • Sugeilee Martinez

The Fall Emerging Leadership Institute will take place on Friday, October 22nd – Sunday, Oct. 24th at Camp Kulaqua. Applications for the upcoming Institute will open in August.

Fall 2021 Application

The Spring Emerging Leadership Institute will take place on (to be determined, check for updates in November) at Camp Kulaqua. Applications for the Spring Institute will open in November.

In the Students' Own Words

- This experience has changed my life and perspective on leaders.

- I learned that leadership doesn't always look the same. Leaders are everywhere. In the front, back, and middle of a crowd. It has inspired me to be a leader in my friendships.

- Leadership works best when you understand others and accept their personalities and differences.

- By meeting other like-minded leaders I feel that the Rollins community is much less isolated than I thought. I feel that I have met a group of individuals that I can reach out to for support.

- Leadership once meant to be fit enough to make decisions and strategize on behalf of a group. Today it means contributing to a situation with one’s unique perspective and strengths.

- I realized that things I identify with don't define me. I realized vulnerability doesn't make me weak and is… essential as a leader.