Alumni Snapshots

The foundations of a degree in theatre—creativity, discipline, teamwork, and empathy—will serve you well in a variety of fields.

Our graduates are performing, designing, directing, and producing across the globe. We also have graduates who used their theatre degree to launch careers in business, science, education, get the picture.

  • Giana Blazquez Bultman ’16

    Giana Blazquez Bultman ’16

    Assoc. Director of Education, Children's Theater of Madison

    After earning her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities at The University of Texas at Austin, Giana took her teaching artistry and directing to inspire young people at the Children's Theater of Madison.

  • Alexandria Crawford ’16

    Alexandria Crawford ’16

    MFA Acting student, Northwestern University

    As a Theatre Arts and English major, Alexandria’s Rollins community included artists from all walks of life: “I was inspired to find my own creative voice and artistic practice.” She’s a member of Northwestern’s inaugural MFA acting cohort, selected by Tony-winning director, Anna D. Shapiro.

  • Mallory Gladman ’10

    Mallory Gladman ’10

    Musical Theater performer, Dance teacher & choreographer

    Mallory started her career dancing in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast show while still at Rollins. She’s traveled the world dancing on cruise ships, served as a Dance Captain off-Broadway, and now teaches, choreographs, and records music in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Lyndsey Goode ’12

    Lyndsey Goode ’12

    Account Manager for a web design firm

    Lyndsey draws on her stage management background every day: nerves of steel and creative problem-solving.

  • Suki Lanh ’14

    Suki Lanh ’14

    Creative director for in-house ad agency & Teaching artist

    Suki creative directs and writes commercials for an in-house ad agency. She also teaches screenwriting at the University of Miami and writes, teaches, and performs comedy throughout South Florida.

  • Olivia Matthews ’15

    Olivia Matthews ’15


    Olivia completed her MFA at Ohio University, won the 2020 Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Award, and just completed a Writers’ Room Fellowship at Sesame Workshop in NYC.

  • AnnMarie Morrison ’20

    AnnMarie Morrison ’20

    Agile Scrum Consultant, Deloitte

    AnnMarie’s most used skills as a consultant/project manager: communication, collaboration, and managing complexity— just like a theatre director (her concentration at Rollins).

  • Jamaica Reddick ’15

    Jamaica Reddick ’15

    Union Organizer

    ”You have to be quick on your feet and flexible enough to handle objections," says Jamaica of the intersection between her theatre experience and organizing. "It’s about being strategic and thinking through how to best reach the person you’re speaking to.”

  • Peter Ruiz ’15

    Peter Ruiz ’15

    Rollins prepared Peter for their MFA at Indiana University by ensuring they were informed about the world beyond theatre: ”The curiosity fostered in a liberal arts environment makes us more interesting humans, which in turn makes us more interesting actors.”

  • Alexandria Vazquez ’10

    Alexandria Vazquez ’10

    Costume Shop Manager & Freelance Designer

    Alex took her degree from Rollins to an MFA program and then to designs at Lexington Children’s Theatre and Florida Repertory Theatre. She returned to Central Florida in 2018 and joined the team at Orlando Repertory Theatre!

  • Katherine Waddell ’14

    Katherine Waddell ’14

    Film Producer

    Katherine's ”Dinner in America” went to Sundance in 2020 and her recent ”Balloon Animal” won the platinum award at the International Independent Film Awards.

Alumni Profiles

Isabella Ward ’15 as Tere in Steven Spielberg’s recent remake of West Side Story, dancing center screen.

What It’s Like to … Perform on the Silver Screen

Isabella Ward ’15 recently made her big-screen debut in the Golden Globe-winning West Side Story revival, and now she’s reflecting on her path to the spotlight.

The Artrepreneurs

Armed with arts degrees, these Rollins grads have harnessed their creative passions to launch successful businesses in everything from organic spirits to footwear.

What I’ve Learned: Sally Albrecht ’76

The music and theater double major reflects on a prolific career in choral music and her commitment to the next generation of performing artists at Rollins.

Kathleen Capdesuner in front of a poster for a Broadway play.

A Tough Act to Follow

A year after graduating from Rollins, Kathleen Capdesuner ’17 followed a prestigious directing fellowship to New York City, where she’s helping direct Hollywood heavyweights at the Big Apple’s largest nonprofit theater.

Beth Lincks ’75 in the Annie Russell Theatre at Rollins College.

Dramatic Drive

Decorated playwright Beth Lincks ’75 traces her success to lessons learned both on and off the stage as a Rollins theater major.

Maggie Delgado ’75

The Perfect Fit

Looking back on a dream career that blended a love of art and theater, award-winning costume designer Maggie Delgado ’75 found the ideal mix of motherhood and showbiz.

Comedian and Rollins Alumnus Janis Hirsch ’72

Tales of a Female Comedy Writer

Janis Hirsch ’72 has worked with Bill Murray, been fired from the same gig as Larry David, and written and produced award-winning shows like Murphy Brown, Frasier, and Will & Grace.

Christopher Fitzgerald ’95 in the Broadway production of Waitress.

Christopher Fitzgerald ’95 Makes Broadway History

The Rollins theater alum is the first actor to play both male leads in Chicago.