What You Will Learn as a Theatre Arts Major

The Department of Theatre and Dance is dedicated to the development of embodied learners that celebrate all aspects and components of theatre and dance productions, both inside and outside the classroom. The formal classroom, along with productions, provide the mechanisms by which you will explore, develop and apply ideas and critical concepts.

Rollins students perform Women of Lockerbie on the Annie Russell stage.

Global Citizenship

Whether in a history, design, or performance class, you will be challenged to engage with the larger world. Theatre and Dance, by their nature, are about the story of humankind. Through the processes of theatre and dance, you will comprehend multiple aspects of cultures from all corners of the world. You will become a global citizen by studying and producing the works of playwrights and choreographers from the breadth of world cultures. You will also have opportunities to explore cultures firsthand through travel to international performance festivals in Prague, Czech Republic, and Edinburgh, Scotland, where you will observe, interact with, and perform works of theatre and dance with fellow artists from around the globe. These experiences allow for critical exchange with international performing arts practitioners and works of art and will help you to understand the ethical perspectives of artists from around the globe.

A Rollins student director discussing a scene with other students.

Responsible Leadership

A key to the college's mission is the development of responsible leadership, which is founded on your ability to critically and analytically assess information and apply this knowledge to your work. Your experience within the program will culminate in a Senior Capstone Experience, creating an element of a theatrical work that will be performed for public audiences in the Annie Russell, the black box theatre, or multiple experimental performance spaces. You will be in a leadership position where you must constantly examine your work within the framework of the multi-disciplinary nature of theatrical production.

Rollins alumni dances in West Side Story, the movie.

Productive Careers

Theatre and Dance in the 21st century are constantly evolving art forms that respond to shifts in cultural, economic and educational factors. The Department of Theatre and Dance is committed to keeping pace with current trends and developments within the artistic community and the larger local, national and international spheres. This engagement will help prepare you for advanced study at the graduate level or the pursuit of careers in multiple fields in alignment with the college’s mission to educate you for a productive career.

A Rollins student applies stage makeup to another student's face.

Meaningful Lives

You will be culturally aware and engaged in conversations about artistic trends, allowing you to constantly learn and develop while becoming an informed patron and practitioner of the arts.

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