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Commuter Students

We are so happy to have commuters as part of our vibrant campus community! 38% of students commute from within 50 miles, and we want every single one of you to feel at home on campus. This page will help you navigate campus, as well as find ways to better connect with other commuting students.
Check out the Facebook page for the Rollins Off Campus Student Association to get connected with a community of other off-campus students!

Rollins Off Campus Student Association

Check out the Facebook page for the Rollins Off Campus Student Association to get connected with a community of other off-campus students!

Spaces to Study & Relax

Looking for a place on campus to study or unwind in between classes and events? Here are a few ideas around campus, both inside and outside:

  • Lakeside Neighborhood (McKean building off campus student lounge, buildings have study nooks and study rooms, Fox Lodge, beautiful pool and lawns facing Lake Virginia)
  • Olin Library, all floors (the Pillow Room is a great place to take a power nap; there are also sitting spaces on the back patio)
  • Bush Science Center (first floor has a large sitting/meeting area; there are also study nooks and rooms on the upper floors)
  • Alfond Sports Center (first floor has a sitting area close to the workout area)
  • 170 W. Fairbanks Building (second floor has break/study rooms)
  • Bush patios (both the one facing the Crummer building and the one behind the soccer field)
  • Strong Hall courtyard
  • Mary Jean Plaza courtyard
  • Orlando Hall courtyard
  • Bookstore patio (there's also an Einstein Bros. Bagels shop here)
  • CFAM back patio
  • Benches & gazebos around Lake Virginia
  • Dinky Dock Park



Looking for a parking spot?  Make sure you know all the Rollins parking lots via this map of campus and follow these tips:
  • Arrive to campus early to ensure that you have time to park and get to your class/meeting/practice/etc
  • For parking off-campus, check out the street parking around Park Ave and connected side streets; there is 4 hour parking at the Amtrack station, as well as a parking garage by the Morse Museum down Park Ave
  • Bring an umbrella - when walking to and from parking spots, you never know when a Florida rain band could come through!



Is there a community of off-campus students at Rollins?

Yes! Rollins Off Campus Student Association is an official student organization that provides support and community for commuting students. They are always welcoming new students and would love to have you join!

What dining options are available to me?

Commuter students can opt into a Voluntary Meal Plan (which has various options), load their R-Card with TarBUC$ and use the funding as needed to buy meals, pay for on-campus dining out of pocket, or enjoy the many dining options down and around Park Ave.

I need help finding off-campus housing and/or setting up my off-campus living!
International Student & Scholar Services created an Off-Campus Help Sheet that is helpful for any commuting student!

Do I have access to the Wellness Center?
Yes! As a Rollins student, you are entitled to Wellness Center services.

I have questions about campus life, but am not sure who to talk to.
The Office of Student and Family Care serves as a safe setting to listen to student and parent concerns related to navigating college life. Feel free to call, email, or visit in-person with your questions!

I'm struggling financially, but not sure who to talk to.
We recommend making appointments with the Office of Student and Family Care and the Office of Financial Aid, as well as reaching out to the Student Support Foundation for short-term aid.

What are ways I can get involved on campus?
Rollins has over 100 campus organizations, numerous leadership development opportunities, multiple ways to connect via civic & community engagement, a plethora of job and internship possibilities, along with a host of other involvement paths. Here's a few places to check out if you're looking to get more involved:

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