Common Questions

Appointments and Confidentiality

Can family members make appointments for students?

We highly recommend that students call to make an appointment.

Does the Wellness Center have walk-in appointments?

A counselor is available to assist with mental health emergencies on a walk-in basis while the Center is open. Other services are provided by appointment only.

What should students do if they need attention after hours or during the weekend?

For non-emergency care, search for local providers that include 24-hour walk-in clinics.
In case of a life-threatening or medical emergency, call 911.
In case of a mental health emergency, call 911 or Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text HOME to 741741. Also, call our 24/7 Rollins Mental Health Helpline at 407-646-1516.

How can family members obtain information about their student’s care at the Wellness Center?

The relationship between a student and the Wellness Center is confidential. For more information on confidentiality, click the Making a Referral tab on this page. Students can complete a written authorization in person at the Wellness Center to release information about their care.

Physical Wellness and Health Services

Does the Wellness Center have a doctor available?

Medical care at the Wellness Center is provided by advanced registered nurse practitioners, who can diagnose and treat most common physical health problems, prescribe medications, and make referrals to medical specialists.

Does the Wellness Center provide a note in case a student misses a class?

The Wellness Center does not issue excuses for missed classes. However, during their appointment, students can request a note stating they were seen at Health Services. Students can check their course syllabi for specific attendance policies set by their professors. See our Overview page for more information.

Where can parents find more resources on substance use and abuse?

We recommend parents read through the following guides (available in English and Spanish) for more resources on substance use and abuse:

A Parent Handbook for Talking with College Students About Alcohol

Un manual para padres para Hablar con estudiantes universitarios sobre el alcohol

Emotional Wellness and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

What can family members do if they are concerned about their student’s emotional wellbeing?

CAPS counselors are available by phone and in-person to consult with family, friends, faculty, and staff on how to make a referral to CAPS or another mental health provider. Click the Making a Referral tab on this page for more information.

How can students get involved with CAPS groups and workshops?

The Wellness Center offers groups and workshops in a variety of formats to enhance wellbeing and/or assist students with specific mental health concerns.

Can students get accommodations, such as more time on assignments and tests, from their counselor?

The Office of Accessibility Services is the student’s primary point of contact for accommodations. With a release of information signed by the student, CAPS counselors can provide written confirmation that a student is under their care for a specific condition.