Anchor Guide: September-October

The fall semester offers many opportunities for students to explore and put their innovative liberal arts education into action. See below for important information and helpful resources for the fall semester.

Academic Success

In September, check with your student about classes. Are they having difficulty, or have they received an academic warning in any of their classes? This month is the best time for students to be thinking about their goals, checking in with professors (and faculty advisors), and focus on study and time management skills. The Tutoring & Writing Center at Rollins is a great place for students to go for academic help and resources. Contact their office at 407.646.2607 or tutoring& Be sure to review the academic calendar too, for important academic dates and deadlines.

Student Life

Talk to your student about college life and encourage them to become involved in student clubs and organizations, service and leadership opportunities, or cultural, religious, or identity programs. Encourage your student to reach out to a peer mentor, resident assistant, faculty or staff member to help get connected with student life opportunities. The College has more than 100 diverse student organizations that reflect a variety of interests and passions of the students.

Students can visit to learn more about active student organizations on campus and ways they can get engaged. Please note: Fraternity and Sorority recruitment begins in the spring semester at Rollins. if your student is a transfer student or returning Rollins student, they are eligible to participate in informal recruitment.

Center for Leadership & Community Engagement: 407.691.1250 |

Center for Campus Involvement: 407.646.2624 |

Fraternity & Sorority Life: 407.646.1538 |

Religious & Spiritual Life

Knowles Chapel is the religious and spiritual hub on campus. The Dean of Religious Life assists students with exploring their spiritual, religious, and/or belief identities. There are opportunities to do this throughout the year through speakers, chapel-affiliated student groups, holiday observances, programming, and community service. Rollins offers weekly services in the following traditions: Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant. Please contact Religious & Spiritual Life for more information: 407.646.2115 or

Student Care and Wellbeing

As part of your check-ins, ask your student if they are eating well and resting regularly. These are two important areas that help manage stress.

Students are more likely to thrive when they feel that they have someone who cares about them and their success. We have a team to support your student during the transition periods in college. Our Student and Family Care team helps with the information and referrals to campus resources. Contact them at 407-646-2345 or

The Rollins Wellness Center provides health services and mental health counseling services to Rollins students. The Wellness Center works with students on their nine dimensions of wellness. For more information, contact the Wellness Center at 407-628-6340 or


Midterms can cause some students to experience self-doubt, worry, and anxiety, as they handle personal and academic expectations.

Discuss the challenges of their courses, academic expectations, and plans to manage their stress in a healthy way. Remind them about support services offered on campus, such as:

The Tutoring & Writing Center for academic help: 407.646.2607 | tutoring&

The Wellness Center: 407.628.6340 |

Connect with a faculty advisor through the Academic Advising Office: 407.646.2569 |

The Student & Family Care team: 407.646.2345 |

Exploring Majors, Minors, General Education

Held each October, the R-Compass Fair provides an opportunity to explore information on majors, minors, general education offerings, and services designed to integrate academics into career and life planning. Encourage your student to attend!

When talking to your student about exploring a major, planning their academics, find what interests and drives them. Academic planning for spring semester courses begins at the end of October/early November and provides students the opportunity to meet with their faculty advisor to create and update their academic plans.

At Rollins, we are fortunate to have a faculty advising system. Students are more likely to thrive when they have a faculty member who encourages them academically and gets them excited about learning.

Financial Aid Prep for Upcoming Year

Beginning October 1 of each year, students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the following academic year. While it may seem early, students receiving financial aid can get a head start on their financial planning for the following year and ensure receipt of maximum financial aid consideration. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 407.646.1863 or

What You'll Learn Next...

In the November-December Anchor Guide, you'll learn more about your student's study abroad options, course registration, fraternity & sorority life, Thanksgiving break, final exams, and international students will need to review immigration documents.