Olin Library

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The library has several rooms available for a variety of uses.  Room reservations are handled through the Rollins Scheduling and Event Services department.  Their reservation system is available here.

Classrooms/Conference Rooms

Requests to reserve the Library Meeting Room, the Van Houten Conference Room, Room 319, Room 104 (The Grover Room), the Lakeview Classroom, and the Bookmark Cafe must be submitted through Rollins Scheduling and Event Services Virtual EMS.  You can also use their system to see when the rooms are available, order equipment or catering, and make other arrangements for your meeting or class.  The rooms feature a PC, projector, video players, and a whiteboard. Each of these rooms is appropriate for meetings, classes, and other events.

The Grover Room
Room 104

Room 319
Room 319

Bibliographic Instruction Lab
Library Meeting Room (Olin 230)
Van Houten
Van Houten Room (Olin 311)
Olin 265 Classroom
Lakeview Classroom (Olin 209)
Bookmark Cafe
Bookmark Cafe (Olin 234)

Computer Labs

The library contains three computer labs that can be booked for classes and events.  Each contains a projector and an instructor terminal.  All workstations in the Center for Creativity are Macs.

  • Lakeview Lab
  • Center for Creativity (formerly known as the Multimedia Lab)
  • Teaching Lab

Group Study Rooms

Study Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.  They do not need to be reserved, but please note the following guidelines:

  1. Rollins students, faculty, and staff have priority over other users.
  2. Priority is first given to student testing. Schedules are posted on the doors to indicate testing reservations.
  3. Groups have priority over individuals.
  4. Please leave the room clean and leave the furniture in the room.

Several of the rooms are equipped with dry erase boards.  Markers and erasers are available at the circulation desk.   Plasma screens are available in many of the rooms for use in group presentations, collaborations, etc.  Call the I.T. Helpdesk at extension 2655 if you need assistance connecting your laptop to the screen.

Study room locations:

1st floor - rooms 121-123, 125-134
3rd floor - room 310, room 353

You can see a map of these rooms outlined in red here. 

Listening Rooms

Two listening rooms are available for patrons who require the use of multimedia equipment.  They are located on the 1st floor in rooms 119-120.
Both listening rooms contain a wall-mounted plasma screen with a vga wall plate that allows you to connect a laptop to the tv screen.  There is also a multi-region dvd player and vhs/dvd combo player.
Priority use of these rooms is for patrons who require use of the multimedia equipment, but if they are not being used as listening rooms, they can be used as study rooms.  These rooms are not bookable.

Olin Lawn

Olin LawnWhile not actually a room, it is worth noting that the lawn in front of the library is available for reservation via Rollins Scheduling and Event Services Virtual EMS. This high traffic area is ideal for outdoor functions.

Book a Room with VirtualEMS

All room reservations in the Olin library are handled through Planning and Event Services, etc etc etc

Looking for a specific place?

You can find a list of rooms and library locations with maps here.