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Olin Library

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Annual Report

With the full opening of the college, the Library focused on increasing physical and digital collections, as well as increasing in-person sessions with safety protocols in place.

Instruction & Outreach

Librarians taught significantly more students than the previous year. With the return to primarily in-person services, in-person class and 1:1 sessions increased dramatically.

Librarians interacted with a total of  2,495 students, up 16.5% from 2020-21. Out of all surveyed, students rated their librarians excellently*:

*Measured on a 1-5 scale rating

In total, 145 Research Assistance sessions were held, up 27% from 2020-21: 86% were in person.

There were 3,431 Tutoring & Writing Sessions held: 65% in-person vs 22% in 2020-21.

In the Collection

With the accessibility of attaining digital materials and the addition of the new Stebbins collection, the library’s collection increased 6x over the previous year’s growth.

10,307 materials were added to the collection, up 502% from 2020-21:

  • 5343 total physical materials
  • 4964 total digital materials

In total, 9,103 materials were circulated throughout the year. In addition, 2,079 items were borrowed through Interlibrary Loan, up 8% from 2020-21.

Virtual Resources Usage

While online usage was high during 2020-2021, the Library is maintaining digital usage numbers seen pre-pandemic.

The library's resources were accessed through:

  • 235,771 Primo (Catalog) Sessions
  • 161,105 Primo Searches
  • 35,531 Research and Subject Guides Page Views

A total amount of 10,505 Archival online digital resources were added throughout the year, 333 more items from 2020-21.

There is a recorded amout of 170,148 online user engagements with Archives’ digital collections, an increase of 4 from 2020-21.

Inside the Building

In October 2021, the Library reopened the pillow room and have since added a new set of pillows. With updated protocols, students were encouraged to visit during the academic year.

There was a counter of 83,211* door openings and closings to estimate the amount of foot traffic inside the building, up 74.4% from 2020-21.

*This is calculated by the amount of total door openings into the buidling divided by 2, to account for patrons leaving after entering the building.