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Information Technology

Technology Tools Available for Rollins Faculty and Staff


  • Canvas is the learning management system for the Rollins community and is used for academic courses, committees, and training. 
  • As the instructor of a Canvas course, you may share content and communicate with students, create assignments, discussions, tests, collaborative group spaces, and more. You can also set up the gradebook to automatically weight and calculate grades. 
  • Access Canvas by logging into okta and clicking on the Canvas tile 
  • Canvas Guide 


  • Turnitin is a tool that allows you to provide formative feedback on writing assignments and check the originality of writing.  
  • There is also a peer review option and the ability to build a customizable library of drag and drop comments. 
  • Turnitin is integrated into Canvas and accessible within the Assignments area.
  • Directions to create a Turnitin assignment

Office 365 Applications

  • Rollins has a site license for several Microsoft Office 365 applications (e.g., Outlook email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more) which means that you and your students may download and install these applications onto your computer. 
  • You may also access these applications in the cloud, from any device.
  • To see the full list of Office 365 applications you have access to, login to okta, click on Office 365 mail, click on the waffle grid in the top left.
  • Directions to access and download Office 365 applications 



  • OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that can be used to store and access your files from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.  
  • You get 5 TB of storage 
  • You can create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files, within your OneDrive.  
  • You can invite colleagues or students to collaboratively edit 
  • Directions to access OneDrive 


  • OneNote is a digital notebook 
  • You can share a OneNote notebook with students, using it as a collaborative space for everyone to contribute content.  
  • OneNote can also be used as a digital whiteboarding tool.  


  • Microsoft Forms is a survey tool. There are a variety of question types and options, like the ability to create question branching. 
  • You can embed a Form in your Canvas course as a way to informally poll students.  


  • Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that allows you to join or start video or audio meetings, chat, share and edit files, and more.  
  • Teams is available to all faculty, staff, and students through our Office 365 site license. 
  • Some instructors may use Teams rather than Webex due to its additional collaboration and break-out rooms features.  
  • You may access Teams on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. 
  • Access Teams by logging into okta and clicking on the Teams tile 
  • Microsoft Teams Guide 


  • Webex is an online video conferencing tool that allows you to conduct synchronous meetings.  
  • Webex has several features including the ability to share your computer screen and record the meeting for later viewing. 
  • In addition to meeting synchronously with students, Webex can also be used for bringing in guest speakers who are at a distance or connecting your class with a class at another institution for an interactive discussion. 
  • Rollins has a Webex site license for faculty, staff and students. 
  • Access Webex by logging into okta and clicking on the Webex tile 
  • Webex Guide 


Video Tools 

There are a variety of tools available to help you create, edit, publish, and share video projects.  


  • Kaltura is an all-in-one video tool that allows you to upload, store, create, share, and trim videos. 
  • Once you upload videos to Kaltura, you can  
    • create video quizzes 
    • generate captions  
    • embed them in multiple Canvas courses 
    • add faculty, staff, and students as collaborators to co-edit and/or co-publish videos. 
    • access video analytics 
  • Within Kaltura is a tool called Kaltura Personal Capture that allows you to create a screen recording, webcam recording, voice only recording, or a combination of these. This tool is helpful in recording narrated PowerPoints and embedding them in a Canvas course. 
  • Directions to access Kaltura 
  • Kaltura Guide 

Video Equipment 

You can check out video cameras, tripods, and lighting equipment from the Olin Library Circulation desk. 

Video Editing Software 

  • iMovie is a good video editing tool for beginner and intermediate users on Macs and is available in the Mac computer labs on campus. 
  • Adobe Premiere Rush is a good editing tool for beginner and intermediate users on PC or Mac.  
  • Adobe Premiere is an advanced video editing program available in all Mac and PC computer labs on campus. 
  • Kaltura allows you to create clips of videos or chop the beginning or end of video clips. See the Kaltura section for more information.  

Adobe Creative Cloud 

  • Rollins is an Adobe Campus, which means that you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud tools (e.g., Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator). 
  • Faculty and staff with a Rollins computer may contact the IT Help Desk and request to have Adobe Creative Cloud tools installed on your machine. 
  • All faculty and staff may access the Adobe Creative Suite in computer labs on campus
    • Please remember lab computers are workstations and not for storing your work, so be sure to bring an external storage device to save your work. 


  • Qualtrics is a survey tool that allows you to create and distribute surveys, collect data, and view or download data in a variety of formats.  
  • You can collaborate and share surveys with other students, faculty, and staff members at Rollins. 
  • Rollins’ Qualtrics account is open to faculty, students and staff for institutional use only. 
  • Access Qualtrics by logging into okta and clicking on the Qualtrics tile. 
  • Qualtrics Guide 


  • Rollins hosts an instance of WordPress which is used for academic purposes. You may request to have a WordPress site set up for a class blog or website project. 
  • You may choose to set up your class’ WordPress site to be open to the world or only to members of the Rollins community. 
  • WordPress is a wonderful tool to promote professional writing and can also be used as a wiki where students collaboratively create content together. 
  • Contact the IT Help Desk if you would like to have a WordPress site created or for more information. 
  • WordPress FAQs and Resources  

NVivo (Faculty only) 

  • NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. 
  • You may access NVivo in certain computer labs on campus
  • Faculty with a Rollins computer may request to have NVivo installed by contacting the Help Desk. 
  • The NVivo license is only for faculty and students. 
  • Access NVivo Resources 



  • SAS/JMP is a statistical analysis tool for data visualization and data modeling features. 
  • You may access SAS/JMP in certain computer labs on campus
  • Faculty with a Rollins computer may install SAS/JMP on their machine. Please contact the IT Help Desk.