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Office of Institutional Analytics

Factbook and Fact Brochure

The Factbook presents a summary of important current and historical information about Rollins College. It is a single, readily accessible, consistent source of information used by members of the campus community and external agencies to obtain official information about the college. If you require additional information that is not contained in the Factbook, please contact the office of Institutional Analytics at or submit a data request using the Data or Report Request form.

Rollins College's Office of Institutional Analytics is developing a new interactive Factbook using dynamic data visualizations to provide institutional data. Data found in these new Interactive Facts data dashboards reflect information that was previously included in our pdf Fact Books, the only difference being that this data is now available online through Tableau dashboards. Having this information available online allows you to interact with and analyze the data in a variety of meaningful ways. Additionally, in the future, features will be added to download and print the data in several formats including tables, spreadsheets, graphical representations, or a combination of these formats.

Three sections of these new interactive facts are now available. We are interested in any feedback regarding these visualizations, positive and negative. We want these data dashboards to be useful and informative. Please send any comments regarding the new Factbook to

Current Fact Book: 

Enrollment Facts (from Fall 2013, updated annually on October 15)

Degree  Facts (from AY 2008-09, updated annually on August 1)

Student Credit Hours and Full-time Equivalent [FTE] (from Fall 2013, updated annually on October 15)

Admission Facts (from Fall 2017, updated annually on October 15)

Student Success Facts: Retention and Graduation rates (from Fall 2010, updated annually on October 15)

Financial Facts (provided by Office of Finance, updated annually on November 15)

 (coming soon) Student Financial Aid Facts

(coming soon) Student Activities and Engagement Facts

 Employee (Full-time Faculty and Staff) Facts (updated annually on November 15)

 Institutional Diversity Dashboard (Fall 2015 through Fall 2021)

(coming soon) Rollins Colleges' numbers at-a-glance

Historical Fact Books: Historical Fact Brochures:






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