Facilities Services

Locksmith Service & Key Requests

Locksmith services, including key requests, lock service, and other door hardware issues, are available for all locations on Rollins campus.

How to Make a Request

Requests for locksmith services should be submitted using the Facilities Services online request for services form. All requests for new keys or to add access to existing keys must be submitted by Department Head. Please be specific, including R-Card number and name of person that keys will be issued to and spaces they need access to. For concerns relating to locksmith services please contact David Markland, Shop Superintendent of Facilities, at 407-691-1065 or dmarkland@rollins.edu.

All residential student key related requests must be submitted through the Residential Life office in McKean Hall or by calling their office at 407-646-2649. Each person issued a key must sign for their individual key(s) and will be responsible for use and possession of key(s).

Submit a Request

Related Policies

All requests for locksmith services must be submitted no less than 48 hours prior to the date required.

The Facilities Lock shop is committed to providing excellent service to our campus. In concert with our relocation to 450 W. Fairbanks, we are implementing new ways to improve our key delivery process. Please continue to use our facilities Maintenance Connection work order system for routine key requests. If you have a key request that involves large numbers of keys, please utilize our new lockshop@rollins.edu email created for these larger orders. You should expect that it will take one week for key requests to be ready for pick-up. Once your key order is ready, an email notification will be sent to you.

Our lock shop technician cannot pick up or deliver keys. The requesting individual or Department representative will need to stop by Facilities Services located at 450 W. Fairbanks Ave. to pick up their keys or to have electronic keys updated. For security reasons, we cannot use the Rollins mail system for key deliveries. We’re providing the following days and times for customer pick-up of keys or electronic key reprogramming:  Tuesday 10 am- 11:30 am, Thursday 2 pm-3:30 pm. If you have an urgent or special request please let us know.

If your key is lost or stolen, it is the individual’s responsibility to report the loss to the issuing Department Head and to Campus Safety. Lost or stolen keys may incur a single key replacement charge, or a facility re-key charge if that is determined to be required.

Please feel free to contact Facilities Services if you have any questions.