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Facilities Services

Service Requests

Learn how to submit service requests and how to report after-hours emergencies.

Service Requests

Rollins Facilities Services uses TeamDynamix (TDX) to manage service requests.  TDX is connected to your Rollins ID and password through Okta single-sign on.

View the Facilities Landing Page in TDX, or click the following knowledge base articles to learn how to:

After-Hours Emergencies

On-call technicians are available around the clock to respond to after-hours emergencies. A situation is considered an emergency when it, if not corrected in a timely fashion, may result in injury to an individual or damage to property or the reputation of the school. Circumstances that may be inconvenient or less desirable to individuals do not necessarily constitute an emergency.

If you believe that you have an after hours emergency contact:

Campus Safety

T. 407-646-2999 or x2999 from a campus phone

Campus Safety will make the judgment as to whether the situation constitutes an emergency and contact necessary personnel as may be appropriate.