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Why Complete an Internship?

According to the 2017 Internship & Co-op Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 67.1% of interns were offered full-time positions by their employer.

An internship must offer meaningful exposure to a professional, college-level career field. It should relate to one's field/major of interest and typically lasts one semester.

Internships can be...
• Paid or Unpaid
• For Academic Credit or Not-for-credit
• Part-Time (approx. 12-15hrs/wk) or full-time

Why Should I Do an Internship?

According to the 2017 Internship & Co-op Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 67.1% of interns were offered full-time positions by their employer.

Students are encouraged to participate in 2 internships during college,
 at least one by the end of their junior year.

Benefits of Having an Internship

• Explore career fields and find out what you like and don't like to do
• Gain relevant real-world experience to enhance your resume
• Observe professional people and behavior 
• Develop networking skills and gain professional contacts in your career field of interest
• Be more competitive in your full-time job search and/or graduate school applications   

• Connect classroom learning to practical applications
• Understand the relevance of your course work
• Increase your motivation to learn
• Use resources that are not available on campus

• Boost your maturity and self-confidence    
• Enjoy a greater clarity about career decisions 
• Integrate your faith and values with work

Start Your Search

Download and fill out the Internship Planning Worksheet.
• View Additional Internship FAQs. 

1. Consider where you hope to conduct your internship.

Are you looking locally, nationally, or internationally?
View the Rollins List of Internship Databases. 

2. Create a timeframe & track your deadlines.

Download the Internship Tracking Sheet.
• Looking locally? Apply 2-3 months out from your desired start date.
• Thinking big (like New York, Boston, or D.C.)? Apply 3-6 months out.
• Is it highly competitive (like with the CIA)? Apply 6-9 months in advance.

If you need academic credit, keep in mind that you have 2 deadlines: the employer's and Rollins' registration deadline. Learn more about Academic Credit. 

Be sure to follow up with each application within a week after you have submitted it.

3. Narrow your focus.

• Choose 1-2 fields of interest and broaden as needed. Concentrating your search will help you find more results quickly.
• Apply for some internships that seem challenging and some that seem easily attainable.

4. Consider the numbers game.

• Apply for 3-5 when focusing on a small town/area, like the Winter Park-Maitland area.
• Apply for 5-7 when focusing on a large city, like Greater Orlando.
• Apply for 7-10 when focusing on a highly competitive area, like Washington, D.C. or New York City.

5. Send only the documents the application calls for.

You will not always need to send a cover letter & remember, that references are included on a separate document from your resume. 
Typically, you will need: 
a Targeted Resume, a Targeted Cover Letter, & List of 3-5 References.

6. Use your online resources to maximize your search.

• Use Book of Lists (email for login information) to locate the top companies in each industry within major U.S. cities.
• Research the industry on Occupational Outlook Handbook and review the company's website.
• Identify companies that Rollins alumni work for by using the
Careers By Major Alumni Report.
• Locate and connect with these alumni through LinkedIn and request an informational interview.

Create Your Own Internship

For some professions, there are fewer opportunities advertised on public job boards. For instance, shadowing opportunities or externships in the medical field.

1) Where to Start.

• Ask your network (i.e. friends, family, professors) who they know who works in your field of interest in the desired geographic area for your internship. Have them to connect you with that individual.


• Use Book of Lists or CEI Internships to find top companies based on geographic area. 
• THEN, use LinkedIn to find alumni or other contacts at that company. Learn more about utilizing social media.

2) Request and Conduct an Informational Interview.

What is an Informational Interview and how do I conduct one? 
• At the end of the interview, ask the individual one of the following:
    ° Would you be willing to let me shadow you for… a week, a couple months, etc.?
    ° Do you know of any internship opportunities available in this field?
    ° What would you recommend as a next step for me in seeking an internship in this field?

3) Follow Up.

• Within 24-48 hours, send a thank you note or email to the professional you interviewed and restate your interest in future opportunities.
• Connect with the professional on LinkedIn using a customized invitation.
• If they give you a professional piece of advice, apply it and update them on your progress.

4) Why This Works

People tend to want to help others they know and may be reluctant to assist complete strangers. By arranging a meeting to learn more about the individual as both a person and a professional, you are developing a relationship and they may be more willing to assist you in the future.

Internship Funding

Are you planning on engaging in a summer internship this year, but you need help funding the experience? The Center for Career & Life Planning, in partnership with the Rollins Academic Dean’s Office, is offering an opportunity for you to apply for funding towards the costs of your summer internship: transportation, housing, living expenses, internship course fees, etc.

Funded Internship Program Overview

Rollins is offering funding for internship endeavors, to support selected undergraduate students participating in academic internships during summer 2018. Funding will be awarded based on the evaluation of application materials and the internship opportunity, as well as financial need (as determined by the Rollins Office of Financial Aid and/or personal statement, along with the student’s proposed budget). Students from all majors are encouraged to apply!

Application Checklist:

1. Funded Internship Application Form
2. Budget Worksheet and Supporting Links Document
3. Current Resume (Resumes reviewed through the Center for Career & Life Planning or TJs Tutoring & Writing Center encouraged)
4. Personal Essay: One to three (1-3) page typed essay describing your career goals and how this summer internship opportunity fits into your strategy for achieving your career goals. Include explanation of internship role and tasks, as well as your personal learning goals for the internship, and how they benefit your future plans. Include a clear, compelling explanation of how this award will impact your ability to participate in this summer internship. 

Ø  IMPORTANT NOTE: Review the Funded Internship Application Scoring Rubric (attached) for insight into what will be evaluated in your application materials. Funding is limited, so make sure to put your best foot forward!


  • Priority deadline for early notification of funding: March 23rd at 5pm
  • Final deadline for regular notification of funding: April 23rd at 5pm

To be eligible to apply, students should meet the following criteria:

· A current undergraduate student (expected graduation August 2018 or later) enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts or the Hamilton Holt School.
· Have secured or be actively pursuing an internship for summer 2018 that is a minimum of 9 weeks in duration.
· Internship has been pre-approved to receive academic credit from the College (or student is in the process of working with the Center for Career & Life Planning to have internship approved for credit).
· Be in good standing with the College (not on academic probation).
· Will have earned at least 30 semester hours by the end of the spring 2018 semester.
· Considering previous credit-bearing internships that the student has completed (including those through the Office of International Programs), engaging in this internship course should not take students over the following Rollins internship credit limits: 12 credits for CLA, 8 credits for Holt.
· Commit to register for the Rollins’ Summer 2018 academic internship course (which requires a course fee of $500- covered by funding if student is selected)

Program Requirements:

· Pre-Internship Orientation (or individual pre-internship meeting with Asst. Dir. for Internship Programs)
· Successful completion of the Academic Internship Reflection Course during awarded semester
· Final Reflection Project that covers the impact of both the experience and the funding the student received, the key learnings/takeaways, examples of growth, and the student’s plans moving forward with their career journey. This is separate from any internship course reflection assignments, and may take the form of a:
    · 3-page essay (Times New Roman, 12pt font)
    · Other creative forms with explanation (video, art piece, blog, etc.)


Questions? Please contact Liz Bernstein, Assistant Director of Internship Programs, at, 407-646-2196; or Norah Pérez, Director of Experiential Learning, at

Looking for a Summer Internship Opportunity? Log in to Handshake to view the over 1,000 internship opportunities posted or to schedule an internship search appointment! We’re here to help!

Academic Internship Course

The Academic Internship Program (AIP) promotes self-awareness and career development by integrating academic learning with workplace experience.

Academic Internship Course

Students receive academic credit for participating in a pre-approved internship not just for the work you do for your internship employer, but by engaging in reflection about this experience through completing assignments as part of the academic internship course. This course runs concurrently with other fall and spring semester courses. In addition, during the summer, students can enroll in a 9-week academic internship course.

¿Course Requirements

• 1 Mandatory Orientation - Before you start your academic internship, make plans to attend this in-person orientation. Dates for the Mandatory Orientation can be found in Handshake under events or on your FoxLink registration. 

• Assignments are online through Blackboard and e-mail correspondence with your Rollins instructor.

• This course is Credit/No Credit based on completion of online assignments and hours worked at the internship site.

Approval & Registration for Academic Credit

Approval & Registration

Students can earn academic credit for an internship by enrolling in the academic internship course: INTN (General Elective) or (Major/Minor) 397. This course is offered during fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please review the eligibility criteria at the bottom of the page.

How do I register for the academic internship course?

Registration for Spring internships begins the first week of November. Registration for Summer and/or Fall academic internships begins the first week of March. Deadline to register your internship for Summer Academic Credit is the first week of May. All academic internships are registered through FoxLink. 

How can my employer get my internship approved for academic credit?

If your employer would like to have their internship approved for academic credit, please have them review our posting policies. Once the internship aligns with our criteria, you can than register your internship through Foxlink.

If you are an international student studying on an F-1 Visa, you must also please complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form and submit it to the Office of International Student & Scholar Services.

How do I know if I'm eligible for academic credit?

All Students Must:

  • Must be in good academic standing during the semester of the internship
  • May need to receive additional approval or provide additional information to meet eligibility requirements to receive credit in the major or minor

CLA Students Must:

  • Must have earned at least 30 semester hours
  • Will not earn more than 12 internship credit hours in all while at Rollins, including internships offered through the Office of International Programs

Hamilton Holt Students Must:

  • Have completed at least one semester enrolled in Hamilton Holt
  • Will not earn more than internship credit hours in all while at Rollins, including internships offered through the Office of International Programs

Additionally, INB Students Must:

  • Have completed at least one of the following courses: INB 337, INB 365, INB 372

**Students may be required to meet additional criteria to receive academic credit in their major or minor, such as class standing or prerequisite courses. Students should check with their Faculty Advisor (CLA) or Academic Advisor (Holt) to find out if there are additional criteria to participate in an internship for major/minor credit.

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