International Relations Program

With well over 100 students as International Relations majors, International Relations is among the largest majors on campus.

Command and Control: A Lecture by Eric Schlosser

Author of Reefer Madness and Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser will discuss his latest work, Command and Control, about nuclear weapons and the dangers still inherent in our post-Cold War world on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at Tiedtke Concert Hall. Learn More

Global Citizenship Starts Here

The International Relations Department offers programs designed to expand your boundaries.

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What is most notable about our interdisciplinary program is not its size, but our unique collection of faculty and students. You need to be intellectually curious to be a good student of international relations and willing to step outside your comfort zone, both intellectually and often physically with the offerings of our International Programs office. In short, if you want to study how the world really works, International Relations is the major for you.

Contributing Departments

The following departments contribute to the International Relations major:

Modern & Foreign Languages & Literatures
Political Science

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