Latin American & Caribbean Studies

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Real-World Experience

Real-World Experience

From semester- and summer-long programs to faculty-led field studies, you’ll have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in Latin American and Caribbean culture and hone your classroom learning in the field.

Why Study Latin American & Caribbean Studies at Rollins

As a Latin American and Caribbean Studies major at Rollins, you’ll immerse yourself in the diverse cultures, history, languages, natural environment, and political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean and confront the challenges facing this critical region in the 21st century.

Through our interdisciplinary curriculum and hands-on experience in the field, you’ll explore the forces that have shaped Latin America and the Caribbean, learn to think critically about the region and its place in the world, and achieve competence in Spanish, Portuguese, or French. With the personalized support of our expert faculty, you’ll develop a unique breadth and depth of expertise on a region with ever-increasing economic and geopolitical significance.

A springboard for careers in everything from business to government, our program is dedicated to developing leaders who are culturally sensitive, prepared to work with diverse populations, and ready to enact positive social change.

Interdisciplinary Approach You’ll examine key issues confronting the region through an array of disciplinary angles—from economics to environmental studies.

Individualized Attention You’ll develop your passions and hone in-demand skill sets with the guidance and mentorship of expert professors in small classroom settings.

International Experience Enhance your classroom learning on short field studies to Cuba and Costa Rica and by studying abroad for a semester in Argentina, Chile, or Peru.

Popular Courses

Our interdisciplinary curriculum gives you the flexibility to pursue courses in everything from history and humanities to international business and modern languages.

LAC 200 Foundations of Latin American and Caribbean Culture and Society Investigate the historical forces that have shaped Latin American and Caribbean culture and examine key challenges facing the region, including political instability, environmental degradation, and economic crises.

POL 321 Politics of Latin America Examine problems of underdevelopment, cultural traditions, and socioeconomic conditions, and learn about the challenge of winning and maintaining political power and bringing about change in Latin American political systems.

ANT 201 Cultures of the Caribbean Explore Caribbean history and culture, including the region’s prehistory, colonialism, slavery, kinship, music, dance, literature, art, race, identity, tourism, and globalization.

ENV 348 Sustainable Development Explore both theoretical and actual development strategies that are ecologically and socially acceptable.

LAC 205 Women and Gender in Latin America and the Caribbean Learn about the history of women’s lives—from colonial cross-dressing nuns and female slave owners to modern guerrilla fighters, politicians, and music-video stars—and how they influenced Latin American and Caribbean culture.

SPN 338 Latin American Literature: Race/Class/Gender Gain a deep understanding of some of the marginalized segments of Latin American society through the literary expressions of feminist, indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and gay writers of the culture

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad Study indigenous peoples and globalization in the Peruvian Andes. Explore social awareness and sustainability in Cuba. Examine conservation and ecotourism in the rainforests of Costa Rica. From semester- and summer-long programs to faculty-led field studies, you’ll have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in Latin American and Caribbean culture and hone your classroom learning in the field.

Community Engagement From working with immigrant communities in Central Florida to installing water filtration systems throughout rural communities in the Dominican Republic, you’ll engage some of the world’s most pressing issues in our backyard and around the world.

Campus Connections Present your original research at the Latin American Latinx Studies Symposium, a Rollins-hosted annual conference exploring the region, its culture, and the challenges it faces. Share Latin American and Caribbean culture with your classmates through annual campus-wide events like Semana LACS, Hispanic Film Festival, and Día de los Muertos. LACS majors have an array of options to apply their knowledge in the real world without leaving America’s most beautiful campus.

Major and Minor Requirements

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