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Student Involvement

Students are involved in environmental and sustainable initiatives through their years here at Rollins.

Students of student organization EcoRollins and the campus Sustainability Program are involved in a multitude of initiatives and educational events on campus.

No-Plastic Campaign

Students of student organization EcoRollins and the campus Sustainability Program are involved in a multitude of initiatives and educational events on campus.


Rollins College students have been engaged in local and global communities for years. As the Rollins College Center for Leadership & Community Engagement states, this college is deeply committed to fostering a lifelong commitment to social justice, civic engagement, environmental stewardship and social responsibility in every member of the Rollins Community.

EcoRollins student organization

The EcoRollins student organization’s mission is to promote awareness, educate the campus community, and implement positive change regarding our relationship to the environment. Eco-Rollins members are involved in all environmental initiatives held on campus. Every year events are planned for America Recycles Day, Earth Day, Earth Hour, and various other events on campus and in the community to promote awareness of environmental issues......many in collaboration with the campus Sustainability Program.  An example of these events include hiking and camping trips, trips to local farms including Fleet Farming, and working and/or volunteering with fair trade organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages.

EcoRollins is a chapter of IDEAS for Us.

EcoRollins is open to all students, regardless of major! 

Learn more about the accomplishments of both the students of EcoRollins and the students of the Sustainability Program over recent years!

EcoRollins Facebook

Student-Run Sustainability Program

The student-run Sustainability Program, formerly known as the Recycling Program, began in 1999 through the efforts of two environmental studies majors. The program mission has evolved over the years into promoting single-stream recycling, fair trade, a campus bicycle program, and other initiatives through their events and daily life! The program mission is to join forces with others on the education of all members of our community on how to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life on campus and in the community. 

Mission Statement: The student-run Sustainability Program of Rollins College advocates environmental stewardship and awareness of our effect on the environment to the campus community. Through education and implementation of initiatives that enrich the appreciation for the environment, the program hopes to inspire the campus community to gain an understanding of our environment, to care for it, and to identify our active role within it.

The Sustainability Program strives to work in the institution to promote sustainable practices within Dining Services, Purchasing, and Facilities Management among others. These practices can balance environmental concerns with the long-term well-being of the college.

The student-run Sustainability Program strives to reinforce the awareness of a healthy environment as a top priority of Rollins College through activities on the Rollins campus and in the wider community.

Net Impact

Rollins' chapter of Net Impact is committed to using careers to tackle the world's toughest problems by putting business skills to work for good throughout every sector, showing the world that it's possible to make a net impact that benefits the bottom line, people and the planet.

Net Impact: Crummer Business School
Net Impact: Undergraduate Students