The Rollins College Sustainability Program consists of Rollins employed student coordinators and a program coordinator. The Committee on Environmental and Sustainable Initiatives (CESI) consists of the student sustainability coordinators, student members of EcoRollins, staff and faculty. CESI advises the administration on a wide variety of issues related to sustainable development, environmental impact, biodiversity and environmental justice. The range of issues include curricular and educational issues, facility and business issues, programmatic issues and policy-related choices concerning the environment.

Sustainability House

Student Sustainability Coordinators are involved in various organic growing areas on campus which include the sustainability house and a brand new urban farm!

Rollins Sustainability Program

Ann Francis
Program Coordinator, Sustainability Program and Environmental Studies Program
Beal Maltbie Center – Room 107
T. 407.646.2392

Ann Francis '01 has been at Rollins for more than 20 years and is Program Coordinator for the Department of Environmental Studies and also the campus Sustainability Program. Under the umbrella of the Sustainability Program, she works closely with the student sustainability coordinators on campus recycling, environmental and sustainable events, sustainability housing, a campus bicycle share program, an Urban Farm and Fair Trade! This work in the department and the sustainability program promotes environmental and sustainable responsibility and awareness on the campus.

Ann is also co-chair with student, Katrina Kasemir, of the campus Committee on Environmental and Sustainable Issues. 

Cayla Jordan
Work Study-Environmental Studies/Sustainability Program
Beal Maltbie Center

Cayla Jordan is in her third year as a work study with the Department of Environmental Studies and the campus Sustainability Program.  She is an Anthropology major and came to Rollins from Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

Sustainability Program Coordinators

Morgan Laner'18
Lead Sustainability Coordinator

Morgan, a native of Dallas, TX, is pursuing an honors degree in environmental studies with a minor in sociology. This year, she serves as the lead sustainability coordinator as well as the President of EcoRollins, the environmental student organization.  After spending a semester abroad in Australia studying local environmental action, Morgan has gotten the travel bug and enjoys exploring as much as she can in her free time.

Katrina Kasemir '18
Sustainability Coordinator/CESI co-chair

Hailing from Highland Park, Illinois, Katrina is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies major and a minor in Sustainable Development. As a Sustainability Coordinator, Katrina oversees the campus’ Fair Trade initiatives. She also serves as an Environmental Studies Tutor at TJ’s Tutoring and Writing Center and a Land Steward at the Genius Preserve.

Katrina is co-chair with Ann Francis of the campus Committee on Environmental and Sustainable Issues.

Dan Mock'18
Sustainability Coordinator/Bike Specialist

Dan comes to Rollins from Omaha, Nebraska and is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a minor in Global Health. He is the lead bike specialist, checking on returned bikes and performing repairs as necessary. Dan is also a member of the Rollins Student Veterans Association and aims to make a career in natural resource management. 

Alec Stanley'19
Sustainability Coordinator/Urban Farm Manager

Alec is an Environmental Studies major, the current Urban Farm Manager and an officer of the student organization EcoRollins.

Jane Barbagallo '18
Sustainability Coordinator/Bike Specialist

Jane hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. She is a bike specialist in the Sustainability Program. In her free time, Jane writes for the Rollins chapter of Spoon University and is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi. 

David Smith
Sustainability Coordinator/Bike Speciallist

David is a Rollins College Hamilton Holt student majoring in English and is a bike specialist in the Sustainability Program.  He is also minoring in Writing, and hopes the skills he learns in this discipline will empower him to be a voice for social justice and environmentalism. David is also a keen skateboarder and birdwatcher, and, since emigrating to Florida 3 years ago, has been visiting as many state parks and natural springs as possible.

Gabbie Buendia '19
Sustainability Coordinator

Gabbie is an Orlando local majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sexuality, Women and Gender Studies.  She is interested in environmental justice and environmental education.  She also serves on campus as a Lucy Cross Center work study, Voices for Women Co-President and an EMBARK Student Leader.

Annie Baumm '20
Sustainability Coordinator/Urban Farm Asst. Manager

Annie hails from Maine and is majoring in English.  She is the current Urban Farm Assistant Manager.

Ellie Rushing '19
Sustainability Coordinator/Marketing

Ellie is from Naples, Florida pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Communication Studies. This year, she serves as a media representative for the Sustainability Program as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Rollins student newspaper, The Sandspur. Ellie is a tutor for the environmental studies department and a peer writing consultant. She has spent two summers in rural Rwanda at an underfunded public school, teaching English and doing research on a community vegetable garden she founded. She is passionate about the environment, human rights, and advocates for scholarly writing about the two. 

Sustainability Program
Rollins College
Ann Francis, Program Coordinator
1000 Holt Avenue - 2753
T. 407.646.2392