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Residential Life & Explorations

Residential Communities

Explore Rollins’ 19 on-campus residential communities, which range from traditional coeducational residence halls and fraternity and sorority houses to furnished apartments for upper-class students and special residential organizations such as Pinehurst Cottage.

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First-Year Neighborhoods

Often the friends you make here will last a lifetime! Welcome to your first-year halls: Elizabeth Hall, Rex Beach Hall, Strong Hall, Ward Hall.

Upperclass Communities

Now that you're settled in, you'll move into one of these communities: Cross Hall, Holt Hall, Lakeside Neighborhood, Sutton Place Apartments.

Check out our newest addition, Lakeside Neighborhood. Opening Fall 2020.

Residential Organizations

If you decide to participate in fraternity and sorority life or other organizations at Rollins you may find yourself living in one of these: Corrin Hall, Fox Hall, Gale Hall, Hooker Hall, Lyman Hall, Mayflower Hall, Pinehurst Cottage, Pugsley Hall, Rollins Hall.