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Residential Life & Explorations

Meet Our Team

The Office of Residential Life & Explorations is led by a dynamic and vibrant team of professional, graduate, and student staff members. The truth is we love Rollins and we loved our years at college, and we want you to have an incredible experience like we did!

Professional Staff

Juan Escobar, M.A.

Juan Escobar, M.A.

Interim Director

Joined Rollins: 2012-2014 (as Graduate Hall Director), 2017 (as staff)

B.S., Public Administration, University of Central Florida, 2012
M.A., Educational Leadership, Higher Education/Student Personnel Services, University of Central Florida, 2014

Luisa De Guzman, M.A.

Luisa De Guzman, M.A.

Assistant Director

Joined Rollins: 2007 (as student), 2012 (as AmeriCorps VISTA & Public Ally), 2014 (as Graduate Hall Director), 2018 (as staff)

B.A., English Language and Literature, Rollins College, 2011
M.A., Educational Leadership, Higher Education/Student Personnel Services, University of Central Florida, 2016

Aspen Fox, M.H.R.

Aspen Fox, M.H.R.

Assistant Director

T. 407.646.2354

Joined Rollins: 2007 (as student), 2011 (as staff)

B.A., Critical Media and Cultural Studies, Rollins College, 2011
MHR., Human Resources, Rollins College, 2013

Juan Franco

Juan Franco

Assistant Director

Joined Rollins: 2016, (as Graduate Student & FSL Hall Director) 2019 (as staff)

B.A., International Political Studies and Multimedia Production & Journalism, Drury University, 2014
Masters in Liberal Studies, Rollins College, 2019

Amanda Wolters

Amanda Wolters

Administrative and Operations Assistant


Joined Rollins: 2015

Graduate Staff

Morgan Langrick

Residential Life & Explorations Graduate Assistant

Abby Hendry

Hall Director, Elizabeth, Corrin, and Fox Hall

Marcus Davis

Hall Director, Sutton Apartments and Holt Hall

Zuzanna Cabaj

Hall Director, Ward Hall, Pugsley, & Mayflower Hall

Mary Balise

Hall Director, Lakeside Neighborhood

Undergraduate Staff

Elise Bakker

Assistant Hall Director, Rex Beach, Rollins, and Hooker Hall

Raul Tavarez Ramirez

Assistant Hall Director, Strong Hall, Pinehurst, and Cross Hall

Raf Leon

RLE Student Coordinator

Kaitlynn Thornton

RLE Student Coordinator

Nia Knox

RLE Student Coordinator

Alexis Matton

RLE Student Coordinator

Madhavi Mooljee

LLC Student Coordinator