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Office of the Registrar


                                                        Monday, March 8th-Friday, March 12th  

 How do I participate?

  1. Declare your major on Foxlink 
  2. Get major swag at Mills Lawn (Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 – 2:00 pm) 
  3. Share the news! If you are on campus, snap a pic at your major department home and post on social media! See your Major Photo Locations below.

Am I eligible? 

In order to be able to officially declare, you need to have completed and passed two courses from the major. Also, you need to have passed two courses from academic divisions outside of your major.  

The academic divisions are Humanities, Expressive Arts, Social Sciences, Social Sciences - Applied, Business, and Sciences. 

How do I declare? 

Go to Foxlink, Student tab, Registration and Registrar, change major

If I am attending virtually, when can I get my swag? 

Your swag will be mailed to you.

Having technical issues with your Declaration? If you are eligible as described above, please contact the Registrar's Office ( Do you have other Major questions? Talk to your academic advisor or email


                 Major Madness Photo Locations!

Visit these locations to take your picture celebrating your new major!  Tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #RollinsMajorMadness

*Students attending classes virtually this semester can contact department chairs for .jpgs of each location*


American Studies:

Bench in front of north patio, Cornell Social Sciences


With “Carl” the skeleton, Anthro/Soc. Lobby, Cornell Social Sciences

(Available 3/9 & 3/11, 10-2 only)

Art History:

Red Robot in front of Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Art (Studio):

Red Robot in front of Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Asian Studies:

Ninomiya Sontoku statue, Lobby of Warren Administration Building

Biochemistry/ Mol. Bio:

Front steps of Bush Science Center; wear your lab coat


Outside of Fairbanks building, across from Casa Iberia garden


New Greenhouse (Open 3/9 & 3/11, 12:30-1:45 only)


Front steps of Bush Science Center; wear your lab coat

Classical Studies:

Columns outside Sullivan House

Communication Studies:

Dry Erase Board inside/Bulletin Board outside, Communication Suite,

Cornell Social Sciences

Computer Science:

Main Entrance, Bush Science Center

Critical Media/Cult. Studies:

Engage with a Social Issue


Economics Lobby, Cornell Social Sciences


Curriculum Library, Cornell Social Sciences Room 248


Steps in front of Carnegie Hall

Environmental Studies:

Outside of Shell Museum


Bench in front of north patio, Cornell Social Sciences

International Relations:

Political Science/History Lobby, Cornell Social Sciences


Nook near Bookmark Café, Olin Library


Boat sculpture on Lake Virginia, behind Lakeside Residence Hall


Outside main entrance of Keene Hall


Sophia statue, second floor, Knowles Memorial Chapel


Basement of Bush Science Center

Political Science

Benjamin Franklin statue behind Carnegie Hall


Psychology Lobby, Third Floor, Bush Science Center

Public Policy/Pol. Economy:

Political Science/History Lobby, Cornell Social Sciences


Sophia statue, second floor, Knowles Memorial Chapel

Social Entrepreneurship:

Blue Gateway Wall, Kathleen W. Rollins Hall

Available, MW 10:30-3, TR 8:30-10:30 & 12:20-1:50, F 11-12 & 1-3

Social Innovation:

Social Impact Hub and Design Lab, Kathleen W. Rollins Hall


Cornell Social Sciences Room 118


Entrance to Casa Iberia

Theatre Arts and Dance:

Annie Russell Lobby, use Latecomer’s entrance, March 8-12, 2-5pm


                    Major Madness Department Events

Some departments will be sponsoring virtual events to welcome new majors.  The list below may not be complete, so contact your major department to find out if they are hosting an event if you don’t see it listed below. 

Anthropology: Meet & Greet, 3/10, 12-1pm,
Critical Media/Cult. Studies: Meet and Greet, 3/18 12:30-1:30pm, 
Psychology: Welcome to Psychology Drop-In Event, 3/11 3:30-4:30pm,
Theatre Arts and Dance: Meet & Greet, 3/11, 2-4pm