Middle Eastern & North African Studies Program


Meet the faculty of the Middle Eastern and North African Studies Program. To request a speaker, please contact the faculty member via email.

Eren Tatari, PhD

Eren Tatari, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science | Director, Middle East and North African Studies

Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 236

T. 407.646.2183

PhD Indiana University
MA Purdue University
BA Franklin and Marshall College

Courses: POL304Middle East Politics; POL306: Muslims in Western Politics; POL307: Islam and Politics

Rachel Newcomb, PhD

Rachel Newcomb, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 106

T. 407.691.1703

BA Davidson College
MA Johns Hopkins University
MA, PhD Princeton University

Courses: ANT225Middle East Culture; ANT277: Women & Gender in MENA; ANT355Middle Eastern Film; ANT377Morocco: Culture and Society; ANT225Middle East Culture

Hilary Cooperman, Ph.D.

Hilary Cooperman, Ph.D.

Performance Theory and Practice

Annie Russell Theater

T. 407.646.2555

Courses: rFLA-MM100Tupac of Arabia: Rap and Revolution in MENA (Performance and Culture of Middle East); rFLA-MM150: Performing Iraeli/Palestinian Conflict; rFLA-MM200: Peacebuilding Through Theatre
Hannah Ewing, PhD

Hannah Ewing, PhD

Assistant Professor of History

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 251

T. 407.646.2461

Courses: HIS130History of a City: Istanbul (was Constantinople); HIS374: Dark Ages? 300-800; HIS332: The Crusades; RCCOttoman History/Mysteries
Todd French, PhD

Todd French, PhD

Assistant Professor of Religion

French House – Room 204

T. 407.646.2139

Courses: REL219: Islam: History & Beliefs
Yudit K. Greenberg, PhD

Yudit K. Greenberg, PhD

George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Religious Studies | Director of Jewish Studies Program

French House – Room 205

T. 407.646.2176

Courses: REL125: Hebrew Bible (Old Testament); REL217: Jewish Life and Thought; REL223: Contemporary Jewish Literature and Film; REL228: Women and Religion; REL304: Jerusalem

Idit Lotringer

Hebrew Instructor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Courses: HBR202: Hebrew 101; HBR102: Hebrew 102; HBR201: Hebrew 201

Abeer Aloush, PhD

Arabic Instructor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Courses: ARA101: Arabic 101; ARA102: Arabic 102; ARA201: Arabic 201; ARA202Arabic 202

Middle Eastern & North African Studies Program
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Eren Tatari, Program Director
Cornell Hall — Room 120
T. 407.646.2183