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René Tanner

Associate Professor, Head of Research Services, Science Librarian

Bush Science Center

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About René

René Tanner joined Olin Library in 2021 as a Science Librarian and Head of Research Services. As the Head of Research Services, she leads and supports a team of librarians who engage in researcher support services and information literacy. Together, they work to anticipate the information needs of faculty and students and provide information support for assignments, research projects, and questions of general interest.

René has been a librarian for over a decade, beginning her career in public libraries as an instructor and teaching essential computer skills to adults. From there, she worked at Montana State University as the agriculture librarian and later worked at Arizona State University as the life sciences librarian. Her appreciation for creativity, the natural environment, and belief that knowledge transforms lives inspired her to pursue a bachelor’s in Fine Art, a master’s in Soil and Water Science and a master’s in Information and Library Science. Prior to beginning a career in libraries, she was an environmental scientist.

Her areas of research interest include equity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability programming and practices in libraries. In her spare time, René enjoys reading, hiking, birdwatching, and finding hidden gems in her storage unit.

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