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Donors Make the Difference

Hear how Kayley Klatt ’23 ’24MBA has been impacted by Rollins donors.

Change Their Lives So They Can Change the World

Meet some of the amazing students who are achieving their dreams and transforming our world, thanks to the gift of a Rollins education.

  • Seth Juncewski ’24

    Psychology and Communication Studies

    “Rollins offers a diverse, supportive environment that has allowed me to explore different art forms and practice using artistic communication to connect with others. Thanks to my experiences with Dr. Parsloe and other faculty mentors, I’m currently writing a play that teaches emotional regulation to children and their parents. Rollins is my home, and I’m so thankful to be surrounded by people from all walks of life—and from all over the world! The wholistic, hands-on experiences and the culture of global citizenship have helped provide me with the tools I need to make an immediate impact in my community and beyond.”

  • Michelle Rodriguez ’24

    International Relations, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and Spanish, President of the Latin American Student Association

    “I did not believe that attending Rollins was achievable for me, so when I received my acceptance and financial aid letter, my mother and I cried. As a first-generation college student from an immigrant family, my dream is to start a non-profit to bring higher-ed preparation to children in developing countries while also specializing in immigration law. My mother taught me to care for others, and that’s just what I plan to do.”

  • Madi Linn ’25

    Majoring in Biochemistry

    “As a Biochemistry major and a hopeful future pediatrician, I’m very grateful to have access to hands-on learning environments and field research programs, both on and off campus. Thanks to the opportunities provided by supporters like you, I am confident that I will graduate with the knowledge and experience necessary to continue my education in the medical field.”

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  • Capri Gutiérrez ’23

    Rollins Valedictorian and Fulbright Scholar

    “My political science professor, Dr. Dan Chong, introduced me to the field of global development and is the reason I am pursuing this field. From connecting me with unique opportunities to reading countless application drafts, Dr. Chong has supported me throughout my entire Rollins journey. Post-grad, he continues to mentor me as I apply for graduate school and prepare for my Fulbright research. Above all, Dr. Chong saw me as the person I wanted to be, which pushed me to become that individual. I think that is the greatest gift a mentor can offer you.”