Shape our students’ futures by sharing your time, connections, and expertise.

Contribute to our collective effort to create brighter tomorrows by supporting Rollins students and recent graduates through mentorship, expertise, and professional opportunity. You’ll help transform the trajectory of a student’s life and shape the direction of our graduates’ careers.

A college graduate walks with her degree during a commencement ceremony.

Homegrown Opportunity

When you hire a Rollins graduate, you know what you’ll get. A big-picture thinker and lifelong learner who can adapt and adjust to always stay ahead of the curve. A creative and collaborative problem solver who can see beyond barriers and work in diverse teams to design solutions to complex challenges. A global citizen and responsible leader who is prepared to add value to your organization from day one. By sharing an opening or creating a position, you’ll provide a Rollins graduate with the only thing they need to launch a meaningful life and productive career: an opportunity.

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A intern poses in front of the Seminole County Health Department.

Career-Defining Experience

Internships provide Rollins students with invaluable learning opportunities and critical career development experience. In fact, more than 90 percent of executives and hiring managers say they’re more likely to hire graduates who have previous experience in the world of work. Through partnerships with the College’s Center for Career & Life planning, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement, and academic departments, we’re able to align qualified students with their ideal internship opportunities, ensuring that both your organization and Rollins students benefit from the match.

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A Board of Trustee shares insight with student during Foundations Summit

Meaningful Mentorship

Serve as a mentor to a Rollins student and you’ll not only lend guidance, offer insights, and provide glimpses into future meaningful lives and productive careers. According to research from Gallup, you’ll also more than double the likelihood that your mentee will thrive in their life and career. Through Rollins programs like Career Champions and Women in Finance, you have myriad opportunities to create life-changing and career-defining impact.

Become a mentor
Libby Schaff guest lectures in a Rollins College political science class.

Invaluable Expertise

Launching your life and career can be daunting. It helps to have a successful friend who’s walked a mile in your shoes. At Rollins, alumni have several options to share their knowledge and experience with students, including panel discussions, speaking events, and flash mentoring.

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