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About Rollins

René Tanner

Associate Professor, Head of Research Services, Science Librarian

René Tanner joined Olin Library in 2021 as a Science Librarian and Head of Research Services. As the Head of Research Services, she leads and supports a team of librarians who engage in researcher support services and information literacy. Together, they work to anticipate the information needs of faculty and students and provide information support for assignments, research projects, and questions of general interest. René has been a librarian for over a decade, beginning her career in public libraries as an instructor and teaching essential computer skills to adults. From there, she worked at Montana State University as the agriculture librarian and later worked at Arizona State University as the life sciences librarian. Her appreciation for creativity, the natural environment, and belief that knowledge transforms lives inspired her to pursue a bachelor’s in Fine Art, a master’s in Soil and Water Science and a master’s in Information and Library Science. Prior to beginning a career in libraries, she was an environmental scientist. Her areas of research interest include equity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability programming and practices in libraries. In her spare time, René enjoys reading, hiking, birdwatching, and finding hidden gems in her storage unit.


MA Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, 2007 MS Soil and Water Science, University of Arizona, 1997
BFA Studio Art, University of Arizona, 1986


Professional Library Employment

Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
8/2021 to present
Associate Professor, Science Librarian/Head of Research Services
Provide research support and outreach to STEM faculty and students. Supervise three subject librarians. Develop online resources for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Counseling, and Psychology. Develop innovative projects, services, and resources in partnership with faculty and students to increase library presence in instructional programs for the sciences.

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
1/2011 to 7/2021
Associate Librarian, Engagement and Learning Services
7/2016 to 7/2021
Provided research support and outreach with a focus on faculty and graduate students. Served as the chair of the Research Services Working Group to develop projects that meet the strategic priorities of ASU Library. Collaborated with Graduate Education and the Graduate Student Writing Center to provide research workshops. Developed online resources and enhanced the monograph collection with attention to sustainability and life sciences.
Assistant Librarian, Life Sciences Librarian
1/2011 to 7/2016
Provided research support services to faculty as well as graduate and undergraduate
students. Provided reference services, organized workshops, provided instruction about the research process, conducted outreach with the community and worked to promote educational opportunities for librarians. Shared subject librarian responsibilities for Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics and Physics with another colleague.

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
9/2008 to 1/2011
Assistant Professor, Reference Librarian/Agricultural Sciences Liaison
Provided library instruction, faculty liaison services, made collection development decisions, provided reference services, conducted workshops, planned library events, served on library committees, and participated in professional development activities.

Other Professional Employment

HDR Engineering, Inc., Tucson, AZ
6/2006 to 8/2008
Senior Environmental Planner
Managed projects and budgets, conducted noise analysis modeling, coordinated and facilitated public meetings and prepared environmental assessment documents.

Pima County Public Library, Tucson, AZ
1/2008 to 8/2008
Computer Instructor
Provided computer instruction courses for adults on the topics of basic Internet use, online security, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, brochure and newsletter software, and email basics.

Gordley Design Group, Tucson, AZ
8/2003 to 6/2006
Public Involvement Director/NEPA Planner
Managed three FTE public involvement officers, oversaw the management of projects, prepared budgets, responded to requests for proposals, planned grand opening events and prepared environmental documents as a contract employee for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Entranco, Tucson, AZ
4/2000 to 8/2003
Environmental Scientist/National Environmental Policy Act Planner
Managed 2 FTE, prepared project budgets, prepared environmental documents, conducted noise analysis modeling and participated in public meetings.

WestLand Resources, Inc., Tucson, AZ
10/1998 to 3/2000
Environmental Specialist
Prepared environmental permitting documents including native plant permits, state and federal water quality permits, and conducted endangered species surveys.

University of Arizona/U.S. Geological Survey, Tucson, AZ
9/1997 to 10/1998
Editorial Assistant
Conducted editorial review and document layout of US Geological Survey publications within the Biological Division in preparation for printing.

University of Arizona/Env. Research Lab, Tucson, AZ
8/1995 to 8/1997
Research Assistant
Conducted water quality research and plant and algae growth studies to understand how wastewater could be reclaimed and reused in closed and open systems. The research was published in several scientific publications.

Society Memberships

Agriculture Network Information Center, 2009-2014 American Library Association, member, 2005-present
Sustainability Roundtable, 2014-present Arizona Library Association, member, 2011-2021 Art Libraries Society of North America, 2008-2009
Association of College & Research Libraries, member, 2008-present Art Chapter member, 2009-2011
Digital Curation Interest Group, 2014-present Science and Technology Section, 2009-present University Libraries Section, 2012-present
Montana Library Association, 2010-2011
United States Agricultural Information Network, member, 2010-2011

Society Conference Attendance

Agriculture Network Information Center Annual Conference, 2009-2012 American Library Association, 2013-2021, 2011 and 2009
Arizona Library Association, 2011-2019, and 2007 Art Libraries Society of North America, 2008
Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015, 2013 and 2009 Montana Library Association, 2011-2010
United States Agricultural Information Network, 2010

Other Conferences and Institutes

American Society for Environmental History conference, Phoenix, AZ, 2011 Arizona State Library Leadership Institute, Oracle, AZ, 2017, 2019
Arizona SciTech Festival Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, 2014
Association for College and Research Libraries, Data Management, Reno, NV, 2018 DataONE, Users Group Meeting, Tucson, AZ, 2018
Extended Learning Institute, University of Montana, Missoula, MT, 2010 GreenBiz University Forum, ASU School of Sustainability, Tempe, AZ 2015
IFAL (Instruction, First-year, and Assessment Librarians of Arizona), ASU Libraries, Tempe, AZ, 2014
International Seed Library Forum, Tucson, AZ, 2015 Montana Academic Library Symposium, MT, 2008-2010
Montana State University, Teaching and Learning Workshop, MT, 2008-2009 ScienceOnline, Raleigh, NC, 2013
University of Arizona, Library Student Organization Conference, AZ, 2006-2007 University of North Texas, Symposium on Open Access, Denton, TX, 2012


International Association of Public Participation, Certificate Course in Public Participation, February 2006.
Safe Zone Training, Certificate, November 2021.


Newton & Betty Rosenzweig Distinguished Service Award, 2020, Arizona Library Association

Offices Held

American Library Association, Implementation Team for Sustainability in Libraries, Co- chair, 2018-2021 (appointed)
American Library Association, Special Task Force on Sustainability, Co-chair, 2017- 2018 (appointed)
American Library Association, Sustainability Roundtable, Coordinator- Elect/Coordinator/Past-Coordinator, 2015-2018, (elected)
Arizona Library Association, Treasurer, 2017-2021, (elected)
Association of College & Research Libraries,
Digital Curation Interest Group, Recorder/Convener-Elect/Convener, 2014-2017, (elected)
Science and Technology Section, Membership and Recruitment Committee, 2015- 2017 (appointed)
Agriculture Network Information Center: Past-Chair, 2012-2013 (elected)
Chair, 2011-2012 (elected)
Chair-elect, 2010-2011 (elected)

Conference Planning

Agriculture Network Information Center, Membership Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2012 (elected)
Association of College & Research Libraries, Science and Technology Section, Program Planning Committee, 2015 (appointed)
Arizona Library Association Annual, Conference Planner, Co-chair, 2012-2013 (appointed)
Arizona State University, Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award Breakfast, Planner, 2016 (volunteer)
Montana Academic Library Symposium, Planner, 2009 (appointed)
Montana Library Association Conference, Chair, Conference Ad Sales, 2010 (volunteer) Rangelands West Annual Conference, Planner, 2011 (volunteer)
University of Arizona, Library Student Organization Conference, Co-chair, 2007 (volunteer)

Grants Cooperative Agreements

Center for Research Libraries, 2012
As the chair of Agriculture Network Information Center, I contacted the Center for Research Libraries in 2012 to form a partnership to support the ongoing preservation and digitization of collections in the field of agriculture. The Center for Research Libraries offered $50,000 annually to Agriculture Network Information Center partners. The funds continue to be distributed through a competitive process known as Project Ceres, which was established by the United States Agriculture Information Network.

US Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, 2009
As a member of the Agriculture Network Information Center, I was awarded $4,000 to develop “Digitization and Preservation of Extension Service Documents for Open Access.” The objective of the project was to digitize early Montana State University Extension Service Documents, which illustrate life and farming in Montana at the turn of the 20th Century.

Special Projects

Seed Library at ASU. Hayden Library, Tempe, 2014-2021
I began the Seed Library at ASU with seeds provided by The Gardens at ASU and a small grant through the Native Seeds/SEARCH. The seed library provides individually packaged seeds for students, staff, and faculty.

RefWorks Task Force. Research Services Work Group, ASU Library, Tempe, 2018
As a member of the task force, I evaluated the process necessary to discontinue RefWorks at ASU and what support services would need to be in place to support cancellation of this product.

Personal Power Lending Library. Hayden Library, Tempe, 2015-2017
Through a partnership with Dr. Elisabeth Graffy of ASU’s Consortium of Science, Policy, and Outcomes, I arranged to make solar charging devices available for checkout.

Conducting Literature Reviews, Graduate Student Seminar, Arizona State University, 2011-2021
I began these sessions in the library and currently partner with the Graduate Student Writing Center to offer them to graduate students in all disciplines each semester.

Edited Book

Tanner, R., Aldrich, R. S. & Antonelli, M. & Ho, A. K. (Eds.). 2022. Sustainability in Libraries: Programs and Practices. ALA Editions.

Scholarly Publications

Antonelli, M., Tanner, R., Aldrich, R. S., and Ho A. K. (2022). Libraries in the Doughnut Economy. In Tanner, R., Aldrich, R. S. & Antonelli, M. & Ho, A. K. (Eds.). Sustainability in Libraries: Programs and Practices. ALA Editions.
Tanner, R., Ho, A. K., Antonelli, M. and Aldrich, R. S. (2019). Libraries as Sustainability Leaders: ALA's Special Task Force. portal: Libraries and the Academy 19(3), 365-374. doi:10.1353/pla.2019.0020

Tanner, R. and Goodman, B. (2017). Seed Libraries: Lend a Seed, Grow a Community. In M. Robison & L. Shedd (Eds.), Audio Recorders to Zucchini Seeds: Building a Library of Things. Libraries Unlimited.

Tanner, R. (2013). Seed Libraries: Growing a New Library Service. In M. A. Jankowska (Ed.), Focus on Educating for Sustainability: Toolkit for Academic Libraries.
Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.

Tanner, R. and Amato, T. (2011). Building virtual communities: Can we talk? In S. Kelsey & K. St. Amant (Eds.), Computer mediated communication: Issues and approaches in education (pp. 241-254). Hershey, PA:IGI Global.

Tanner, R., Glenn, E. and Moore, D. (1999). Food chain organisms in hypersaline, industrial evaporation ponds. Water Environment Research, 71(4), 494-505.

Glenn, E., Tanner, R., Mendez, S., Kehret, T., Moore, D., Garcia, J., and Valdes, C. (1998). Growth rates, salt tolerance and water use characteristics of native and invasive riparian plants from the delta of the Colorado River, Mexico. Journal of Arid Environments, 40(3), 281-294.

Glenn, E., Tanner, R., Miyamoto, S., Fitzsimmons, K. and Boyer, J. (1998). Water use, productivity and forage quality of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia grown on saline waste water in a desert environment. Journal of Arid Environments, 38(1), 45-62.

Glenn, E. P., Moore, D., Brown, J. J., Tanner, R., Fitzsimmons, K., Akutigawa, M., and Napolean, S. (1998). A sustainable culture system for Gracilaria parvispora (Rhodophyta) using sporelings, reef growout and floating cages in Hawaii.
Aquaculture, 165(3), 221-232.

Non-Refereed Publications

Smith Aldrich, R., Tanner, R., Antonelli, M., Dallas, S., Ho, A. K., Engel Lesneski, T., Woodruff, M., and Zabriskie, C. (2018). Final Report of the ALA Special Task Force on Sustainability. Chicago, IL: American Library Association. 

Tanner, R. (2015). Book Review, Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist: How to Have Your Yard and Eat It Too. Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 16(4), 351-352. doi:10.1080/10496505.2015.1074469

Tanner, R. (2014, May). A Moment of Science: Use a Book Discussion Group to Promote Learning [Editorial]. American Libraries. 45(5), 17. 

Tanner, R. (2012). Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions. Book Review. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. Winter, 68. 

Tanner, R. (2012). Topic Guide: Agriculture Landscape. Center for Research Libraries. 

Tanner, R. (2010). Making the Most of Your Career. College & Research Libraries News, 71(5), 238-239. 

Strittmatter, C. and Tanner, R. (2009). Free yourself from C and get creative with CC. Pacific Northwest Library Association Quarterly. 74(1), 17-24. 

Invited Presentations

Library 2.0, Sustainability in Libraries (2020). Keynote Panelist. Virtual Conference.
School of Information at San Jose State University.

Library 2.0, Wholehearted Libraries. (2020). Presenter. Empathy from the Inside Out.
Virtual Conference. School of Information at San Jose State University.

Phoenix Public Library, Staff Development Day. (2018). Presenter. How to Get Involved in Library Associations. Phoenix, AZ.

Arizona Library Institute. (2018). Co-presenter with Dale Savage. Basic Conflict Management. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

American Distance Education Consortium (2012). Presenter. May I Carry Your Books? eBooks and the Online Classroom. Webinar.

Agriculture Network Information Center (2011). Facilitator. Google Analytics: Discussion. Webinar.

Agriculture Network Information Center/American Distance Education Consortium (2009). Presenter. How to Use Delicious, Web 2.0 Technology, to Build Metadata. Webinar.

Maricopa County Library Council – Continuing Education. Back to the Beach. (2012- 2015). Presenter. Brains on the Beach: A Reader’s Advisory for Science Books. Phoenix, AZ.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. (2017). Panelist. Engaging in Social and Public Scholarship: Considerations and Insights. Tempe, AZ.

International Seed Library Forum. (2015). Panelist:
Roundtable on Establishing Protocols for Seed Library Management in Public Libraries. Tucson, AZ.

Lessons Learned from Seed Lenders: Evaluating Seed Library Outreach and Educational Needs. Tucson, AZ.

Refereed Presentations and Poster Sessions

Arizona Library Association
Let’s Learn Together: Building a community for professional development at your library. (2019). Poster session with Matthew Harp, Joyce Martin, and Brad Vogus.
Accessibility in the Online Classroom. (2018). Panel included: Julie Allen, Laura DePue, Lisa Kammerlocher, and Mary Loder. Panel Moderator.
Basic Conflict Management. (2018). Virtual Conference. Co-presented with Dale Savage.
Conflict Management: A Mini-Workshop. (2017). Co-presented with Dale Savage.
Seed Libraries Have Taken Root in Arizona: Sow Now What? (2017). Roundtable. Multiple presenters.
Citizen Science: Libraries Transform Scientific Research. (2016). Roundtable. Presented with Dan Stanton, Jenny Mueller Alexander, Ashley Gohr.
Enhancing Your Professional Presence. (2016). Presentation. Co-presented with Dale Savage.
Let’s Discuss: What Works, What’s New and What Inspires You to Create Library Programming. (2015). Roundtable discussion.
Building a Library Toolbar with LibX. (2011). Co-presented with Debbie Flitner.

American Library Association
Gather, Educate, Prepare: Libraries as Champions to Build Informed and Climate- Resilient Communities. (2020). Poster session with Adrian Ho and Monika Antonelli. Virtual Conference.
Lightning Rounds: Sustainability at Your Library. (2014). Presentation. Las Vegas, NV.
Voices in the Library: Introducing Public Performance in an Academic Library. (2009). Poster session with Connie Strittmatter. Chicago, IL.
Leaving the Library: Holding Office Hours in Your Liaison Department. (2009). Poster session with Connie Strittmatter. Chicago, IL.

Association of College and Research Libraries
Achieving Resilience for Our Future: Sustainability Practices in Libraries. (2021). Panel Presentation. Online.
PDA: It’s not just a Public Display of Affection. (2015). Roundtable discussion with Ellen Welty. Portland, OR.
Lightning Rounds: Sustainability at Your Library. (2015). Presentation. Portland, OR.
Building Community: Pairing Science Book Discussions with an Online Network. (2013). Poster session. Science and Technology Section Reception. Chicago, IL.
Data Curation Services: How Are You Responding to the Trend? (2013). Roundtable discussion with Juliann Couture. Indianapolis, IN.

Great Lakes Science Boot Camp for Librarians. (2021). Presentation. Lightning Rounds: Scoping Reviews at a Glance. Online.

Montana Library Association (2011). Presentation. Building a Library Toolbar with LibX. Billings, MT.

Extended Learning Institute, University of Montana (2010). Roundtable discussion with Tricia Amato. Creating Community: Observations of Online Teachers. Missoula, MT.

Pacific Northwest Library Association (2009). Presentation with Connie Strittmatter. Free Yourself from C and Get Creative with CC. Missoula, MT.

Non-Refereed Presentations

Earth Month at ASU. (2020). Overstory Podcast & Nurturing with Nature. Online.
Herberger Institute Day. (2019). Matter and the Mind. ASU Tempe Campus.
Herberger Institute Day. (2018). Pieces of Light, Pieces of Color. ASU Tempe Campus.
ASU Library (2017). Defend Our Food. Panel included: Kenny Barrett, Netra Chhetri, Melissa Kruse-Peeples, and Christopher Wharton. Panel Moderator.


Tanner, R and S. Norton. (2020, July 17). Dewey decibel podcast: Libraries and sustainability [Audio podcast]. 
Tanner, R. (2019, October 10). Seed library at ASU helps boost declining bee population. AZ Big Media. 
Tanner, R. and Norton, S. (2018, June 27). Catalyst: How seed libraries are protecting our food. Arizona PBS. 
Tanner, R. (2017, November 2). Planting seeds of change. ASU Now. Retrieved from 
Tanner, R. (2011, May 23). Summer book discussions focus on life science. ASU Now. Retrieved from 


Fire and Ice. ASU Digital Exhibit. Spring 2020.
The conceptual online exhibit brought together two of Earth’s transformative elements. Originally designed as a physical display at ASU Library, the online exhibit explored climate change and sustainability through the themes of fire and ice.

The Buzz about Bees. ASU Noble Science Library. Fall 2019.
The multimedia exhibit celebrated bees. Bees are responsible for the production of 70% of the fruits, nuts and vegetables humans eat. Part of the seed library initiative, this ASU Library exhibit looked at what we can do on an individual and community level to protect bees and biodiversity.

AZLoop: HyperLoop Pod from the SpaceX Competition. ASU Noble Science Library. Spring 2018.
The pod is a high-speed transit prototype designed for the Hyperloop. ASU engineering students collaborated with others in Arizona, including students at Northern Arizona University to build the pod. Arizona’s SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team displayed the pod and over 100 students expressed interest in participating in the 2018 SpaceX competition.

After the Flood. ASU Noble Science Library. Fall 2016.
The exhibit included an art installation and photographs, which were assembled and created by Ellen Murray Messinger to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood of 1966. A highly attended lecture and lunch were also held for this exhibit, which was covered in the State Press on November 3, 2016.

Power Up with Your Personal Power Lending Library. ASU Noble Science Library. Spring 2015.
The “Selling Sunshine” exhibit was installed to launch the Personal Power Lending Library in collaboration with Karrie Porter Brace, ASU Libraries Chief Exhibits Curator.

Out of Thin Air: Custom Aeroponics. ASU Noble Science Library. Summer 2013.
The exhibit featured a device designed to water plant roots through a misting system without soil. ASU Libraries was featured as a makerspace under “Tech
Talk” in American Libraries Direct, an American Library Association publication 

Seeds of Change: Native Seed Display and Botanical Books from the Patten Collection. ASU Noble Science Library. Fall 2012-Summer 2013.
The exhibit highlighted the 10,000-year-old human tradition of cultivating crops along with early gardening and herbal books from ASU’s Patten Collection, located within Special Collections. In conjunction with the exhibit, I arranged for Bill McDorman, director of Native Seeds/SEARCH, to give a presentation in the fall of 2012 titled, “Who Owns Our Food (Seeds)? 

Thermal Energy and Yellowstone National Park. Montana State University Libraries. 2010.
This exhibit highlighted the geology and thermal energy within Yellowstone National Park.

Undergraduate Research, BIO 495, Arizona State University. One- to three-credit course. Spring 2021, Fall 2020-2018
This course guides the undergraduate research of students in Biology and Society. Students complete a literature review during this course.

Honors Directed Research, BIO 492, Arizona State University. Three-credit course. Fall 2020
This course prepares students for their thesis for Barrett, The Honors College.

Knowledge and Community, CLS101, Montana State University. Three-credit course. Fall 2010
This course was designed to give students an opportunity to discuss selected readings.

Electronic Library Research, Library 121, Montana State University. Two-credit course. Fall 2009
This course focused on information resources and the research process. Each student presented their research project at the end of the semester.

Electronic Library Research, Library 121 (co-taught), Montana State University. Two- credit course. Spring 2009
This course focused on various aspects of information resources and the research process. This course was co-taught with Jan Zauha, professor, and librarian at Montana State University.

Service to the University

Committee for Campus Inclusion, Arizona State University, Co-chair for Tempe Campus 2014-2016, member 2014-2021
The committee works to make ASU a more welcoming and inclusive environment for students, staff and faculty with a special focus on those traditionally marginalized.
Program planning, award breakfasts, and general awareness campaigns are frequent committee activities.
University Hearing Board, Arizona State University, Member, 2014-2021
The committee serves as a review board for disciplinary cases that have been appealed by ASU students.

Obama Scholars, Arizona State University, Mentor, 2011-2016
The Obama Scholars program supported students by pairing them with a mentor for monthly meetings each semester throughout their first year.

Service to the Profession

Maricopa County Library Council, Continuing Education Committee, Member, 2011- 2016
This committee developed and planned continuing education opportunities for librarians within Maricopa County. Programs included reader advisory events, library tours, and workshops for professional development. In 2012, I recruited Naomi Bates, teacher-librarian at Northwest High School in Justin, TX to provide a full-day workshop titled “Digital Trailers for the 21st Century” at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, AZ.

Arizona Library Association Annual, Résumé Review Clinic, Volunteer, November, 2014
Librarians with experience in the hiring process were recruited as clinicians. I reviewed résumés and cover letters and provided feedback to potential job seekers from the perspective of an academic librarian.

Service to the Libraries

Arizona State University

Chair, Library Assembly Executive Committee, 2020-2021
The executive committee is the governance body for library Academic Professional. We guide the assembly through a variety of personnel and governance issues.

Library Liaison Senate Committee, Representative, 2019-2021
Discuss and advise on issues related to library services brought forth by the Faculty Senate.

Research Services Working Group, Chair, 2018-2019
This team works to establish dynamic projects and initiatives that align with the Library’s strategic priorities around Research Services.

Personnel Committee, Arizona State University Library, Member, 2016-2018
This committee reviewed the Promotion and Continuing Appointment documents for librarians to ensure they are accurate and address the variety of professional librarian positions within the Library.

Exhibits Committee, Arizona State University Library, Co-Chair, 2014-2015
The exhibits committee planned exhibits and reviewed requests for exhibit space in the library.

Freshman Orientation Fair, Library Representative, Summer 2012-2017
Volunteered to represent ASU Libraries at multiple Freshman Orientation Fairs.

Funding and Compensation Committee, Arizona State University Libraries, member, 2014-2016
The committee reviewed funding requests from academic professionals for research and professional development. As a committee, we made recommendations regarding funding allocations and provided them to the library administration office.

Librarians Assembly, Arizona State University Libraries, Secretary, 2011-2012 I took meeting minutes, sent meeting invitations and archived approved meeting minutes on the Librarians Assembly web page.

Library Leadership Council, Arizona State University Library, Member, 2016-2017
Invited to be on the leadership council to share ideas and relay information to my peers.

Night of the Open Door, Arizona State University, Tempe Campus, Volunteer, 2013-2015
Assisted ASU Libraries “Create Your Own Comic” event as part of ASU's Night of the Open Door – a signature event of the Arizona SciTech Festival, which celebrates the sciences, arts, and humanities.

New Student Work Group, Arizona State University Libraries, Member, 2011 Reviewed library instruction tutorials and evaluated upgrading the content.
Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars, Arizona State University, Downtown Campus, Presenter, 2011.
Co-presented two workshops with Lisa Kammerlocher, EdD and librarian at ASU. The presentations were titled, “Optimizing your time with productivity tools” and “You and Your Library.”

Research Data Services Work Group, Arizona State University Library, Chair, 2018- 2019
Worked with my co-chair and committee members to explore how Arizona State University Libraries could provide data services for University affiliates and explored roles for subject librarians.

Research Services Work Group, Arizona State University Libraries, Member, 2011-2014
Worked with the committee to develop Library Guides for graduate students and faculty members to highlight particularly useful services. In association with this committee, I developed a graduate student literature review workshop.

Secretary, Library Assembly Executive Committee, 2011-2012
Assisted with the agenda for assembly meetings, took minutes, and scheduled meetings.

Montana State University
Library Display Committee, Montana State University, Member, 2009-2010 This committed planned, designed, and installed library displays.
Library Faculty Advisory Committee, Montana State University Library, Chair, 2009-2010
Prepared agendas and facilitated library faculty meetings in coordination with the Dean of Libraries and an advisory committee.

Library Faculty Advisory Committee, Montana State University Library, Member, 2008-2009
Assisted with the agenda for faculty meetings and facilitated meetings.

Montana State University, Renne Library Staff Association, Treasurer, 2009
Managed the bank account, purchased items for the staff lounge and helped address issues that were of concern to staff.

Service to the Community

Arizona State University
ASU Science Book Discussion, Noble Science Library, Facilitator, Tempe, AZ, 2011-2014
Facilitated discussions, provided book recommendations, prepared polls, advertised to the community at-large, invited guest speakers, communicated with authors, and planned and convened monthly book discussions. The group read 36 books over the span of 39 meetings.
Montana State University

Friends of the Bozeman Public Library, Board Member, Bozeman, MT, 2010-2011
Planned and staffed the Friends of the Bozeman Public Library book sales. Met with the director monthly to discuss library needs and approve funding for library improvements, which included equipment and programs.

National History Day in Arizona, Judge. Regional Competition, Spring 2012 and 2011
Served as a judge and gave feedback to students so they could improve their projects to advance to the state competition.

National History Day in Arizona, Judge. State Competition, Spring 2011
Served as a judge and selected the winners of the state competition. The winners advanced to the national competition.