Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

Is my disability information confidential?

Yes. The documentation you provide remains with the Accessibility Services Office. It is only released to campus officials in relevant, educationally necessary situations. Faculty will not be notified of a student's diagnosis unless the student makes a written request that the office do so. Academic accommodations are not indicated in any way on college transcripts.

Is there a separate admission process for students with disabilities?

There is no separate application or application process for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities apply as any student does and must be qualified for admission according to the College’s admissions criteria. Admitted students are strongly advised to contact the Accessibility Services Director, as soon as they decide to attend the College so that they can submit required documentation in a timely fashion if they plan to request services, including accommodations. Guidelines for required documentation are delineated under “Specific Documentation Guidelines.”

I am an incoming student. When should I complete my accommodation request form?

You will be able to complete the Accommodation Request Form as soon as you have access to MyRollins with your Fox ID and Password. Once you are able to complete that form, you will be contacted to set up a welcome meeting. If you do not have your Fox ID and Password yet, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss our accommodations process and to learn more about our program.

I do not have documentation. Where can I get tested for a disability?

This depends on the nature of your disability. If you suspect you have a learning disability or psychiatric disability, you should make an appointment with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who performs psychological evaluations. If you have a physical disability, you should obtain a medical report from your treating physician. See Documentation Guidelines in MyRollins for more information.

I have documentation from high school. Can I use this for Rollins?

Yes, as long as the documentation meets the specific documentation guidelines. IEP and 504 Plans, if available, should be submitted along with diagnostic medical documentation.

Also, please keep in mind that your accommodations from high school may not translate to college. If you have any questions about the accommodations you’ve received previously and how they may work at Rollins, please reach out to Accessibility Services at

How do I request academic accommodations?

To request academic accommodations, you will need to complete the following steps:

1 - Fill out the Accommodation Request Form which can be found in MyRollins > Search "Accommodation Request Form".

2 - Submit documentation that supports a connection between disability and the requested accommodation(s).

3 - After receiving your request form and documentation, an Accessibility Services staff member will review your request and determine eligibility for the requested accommodation or alternative accommodations. Accessibility Services will reach out to schedule your Welcome Meeting where we will meet to learn more about your needs, your request, and to discuss any next steps.

4 - If accommodations are approved, accommodation letters will be sent to your current faculty members that outline your accommodations. Your disability information is not included in the letter.

5 - Each semester, the student is responsible for submitting a request for accommodation letters to their professors. We will not assume that a student will want their letters to be sent.

Do I have to request accommodations every semester?

Generally, when you are approved for accommodations, they will be in place for your entire time at Rollins. You will not need to seek approval or provide new documentation unless you are requesting a new accommodation. However, you will need to request your accommodation letters to be sent every semester. Reminders of how to complete the semester request process will be emailed to your Rollins email account at the beginning of each semester.

What if my accommodation request is denied?

Accommodation requests may be denied if there was not sufficient documentation to support the request or if the requested accommodation is not reasonable. Students have the right to appeal the decision. Appeal guidelines can be found in our accommodation policies in MyRollins.

Does Accessibility Services provide temporary accommodations?

Generally, accommodations for temporary disabilities such as injuries or concussions are not required under the ADA. However, Accessibility Services may provide accommodations on a case-by-case basis. Documentation is required in these cases and Accessibility Services will determine what accommodations may be reasonable.

Does Accessibility Services provide tutoring services?

No, but our office works closely with the Tutoring and Writing Center. The TWC provides appointments with writing consultants and subject-specific tutors. If you’d like to learn more, visit