What Our Grads Say

September 06, 2022

From our personalized learning environment to our flexible format, find out why Rollins is the perfect place to finish your degree from the folks who know best: the graduates who have gone before you.

girl smiling and looking off into the distancegirl smiling and looking off into the distance

Uncommon Support

“Rollins provides many scholarship and financial opportunities, which allowed me to attend at the same cost and in some cases lower cost than the public universities I was considering. As a result, I received a high-quality education in a great learning environment without burdening me with a large amount of debt.”

Shaffaq Noor ’18 | Senior Technical Project Manager, StackPath

blonde woman smiling and looking at the camerablonde woman smiling and looking at the camera

A Tight-Knit Community

“The class sizes are small, and you learn so much. The professors know you, keep you engaged, and they understand your needs. It’s an inclusive environment, and we support each other like family.”

Nina Steigerwald ’20 | PhD Candidate, University of Central Florida

Male student sitting at table and smiling looking at the cameraMale student sitting at table and smiling looking at the camera

Seeing the Big Picture

“My time at Rollins, including the classes outside my majors, trained me to be resilient in the changing tides of the business world. Philosophy? Religion? You think, ‘How do those classes help in business?’ It isn’t just the content. The way the classes were taught helped me understand the world better. I wouldn’t be where I am without that.”

Mehdi Taifi ’07 ’10MLS | Senior Clearing Operations Manager, Robinhood

classroom lectureclassroom lecture

Flexibility to Thrive

“The Hamilton Holt School of Professional Advancement at Rollins provided me the opportunity to obtain a first-class education with the flexibility to juggle other life priorities. The sky’s the limit on what you can achieve at Rollins.”

Tiffany Jones ’16 | Export Compliance Program Manager, Google

Woman wearing a graduation cap and gown and smilingWoman wearing a graduation cap and gown and smiling

Individualized Attention

“It took me almost 20 years and eight schools to finish college, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the entire Rollins community. Rollins gives you the one-on-one attention you need and walks you through every step of the application process. My Rollins degree has opened doors that I couldn’t have imagined. My career has skyrocketed and I made friendships for life.”

Eric Reichwein ’18 | Senior Account Director, Accredo

Rollins College archway entry to campus.

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From virtual and on-campus information sessions to one-on-one meetings with an admission counselor, Rollins’ Professional Advancement program offers an array of ways to learn about our flexible and affordable degrees, seamless transfer experience, guaranteed admission policy, and more.

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