Seven Rollins graduates describe how they made strategic professional pivots during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pivotal Moves

When the world stopped in response to the COVID pandemic, these seven Rollins alumni did just the opposite. They didn’t just save their businesses—they made them better.

Program assistant Marybelle Doe ’21 is one of the first 14 paraprofessionals to enroll in Rollins’ new Pathways to Teaching program.

Rollins Debuts New Pathways to Teaching Program

A unique public-private partnership between Rollins and Orange County Public Schools is giving teaching aides a clear path to classrooms of their own.

Rollins students draw English words and letters on a chalkboard in a Rwandan classroom.

The Re-Education of Rwanda

Professor Scott Hewit is determined to change education in a small Rwandan village where the lights don’t always turn on and the psychic scars of genocide are all around.