Lord ’69 ’71MBA ’16H Nominated for Housing Colorado’s Eagle Award

Rollins Trustee David Lord ’69 ’71MBA ’16H has been nominated for Housing Colorado’s prestigious Eagle Award.

Adkins ’81 Inducted into Georgia Tech’s Engineering Hall of Fame

Rodney Adkins ’81 has been inducted into Georgia Tech’s engineering alumni hall of fame, which honors those who have achieved major engineering milestones in their professional careers.

Stacy Van Praagh ’93

In Memory: Stacy Van Praagh ’93

Rollins pays tribute to the enduring impact of Stacy Van Praagh ’93, who will always be remembered for her contributions as a compassionate graduate, mentor, and student-focused trustee.

Goings ’12H Named New Chair of Rollins Board of Trustees

Rick Goings ’12H has been appointed as the new chair of the Rollins Board of Trustees.

Allan E. Keen ’70 ’71MBA ’10H

Keen ’70 ’71MBA ’10H Pledges $1.5 Million for Scholarships

By supporting financial aid at Rollins, Trustee Allan E. Keen ’70 ’71MBA ’10H is helping to provide generations of Tars access to the best in liberal arts education.

Susan Whealler Johnston ’75

In Memory: Susan Whealler Johnston ’75

Rollins’ board chair, a respected academic leader and senior-level administrator, remembered as “a phenomenal leader in an incredibly tough time.”

portrait of Dr. Susan Whealler Johnston

Remembering Susan Whealler Johnston ’75

A message from the Rollins College Board of Trustees.

Ladner ’81 Reappointed to Texas Risk Management Board

Gerald Ladner ’81 has been reappointed to the Texas Risk Management Board for the next five years.

Adkins ’81 Inducted into M-DCPS Hall of Fame

Rodney Adkins ’81 has been inducted into Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ alumni hall of fame, which honors those who have achieved major milestones in their post-secondary and professional careers.

Frank Barker ’53 ’06H

In Memory: Frank Barker ’52 ’06H

Rollins honors the legacy of Frank Barker ’52 ’06H, whose contributions to the College as a caring graduate, Hall-of-Fame athlete, and student-focused trustee will endure indefinitely.

Rollins College Board of Trustee Susan Whealler Johnston ’75

Johnston to Succeed Keen on Rollins Board of Trustees

Susan Whealler Johnston ’75 will succeed Allan E. Keen ’70 ’71MBA as chairman of Rollins’ board of trustees.