What You Will Learn Studying Mathematics

As a mathematics major or minor, you will become familiar with a wide variety of mathematical topics, as you develop and strengthen your critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. These skills include deductive and inductive reasoning, problem recognition and modeling, and the ability to clearly articulate problem solutions to others, both verbally and in writing. Such skills are essential for responsible leadership, effective global citizenship, productive careers, and meaningful lives.

A group of Rollins College students build a robot in class.

Global Citizenship

Mathematics is a global language of concepts, crossing borders and connecting individuals all over the world. Mathematics is more than equations and formulas. Our curriculum stimulates curiosity that goes beyond processes and procedures, concentrating on the “Why?” question. As students advance in the major, they acquire skills such as understanding concrete and abstract problems, seeing the big picture, extracting patterns, prioritizing information, and analyzing data. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are the key components for success in today’s chaotic and complex world.

A Rollins student completes a math equation on a white board.

Responsible Leadership

Mathematics equips leaders with the tools to make informed, ethical, and effective decisions. In a friendly and collaborative environment, Rollins students expand their knowledge not only in core mathematics courses but also in interdisciplinary areas such as Financial Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology. By leveraging mathematical principles, leaders can manage risks, optimize resources, and ensure transparency and fairness in their actions, leading to better outcomes for organizations and society as a whole.

Rollins student, Michael Gutenshon, stands with a robot at Kennedy Space Center.

Productive Careers

Mathematics provides a solid foundation for pursuing careers across a wide range of fields. The analytical and problem-solving skills developed through math studies are highly sought after by employers, enabling individuals to tackle complex challenges and innovate solutions effectively. A background in mathematics equips individuals with the tools to excel in dynamic and rewarding professional environments, contributing to both personal success and societal advancement. Rollins math alumni work in finance, data science, logistics, cyber security, software engineering, healthcare, government agencies, and academia.

Rollins students have a discussion while in class.

Meaningful Lives

Mathematics enriches life by enhancing our understanding of the universe. By unlocking deeper insights into various fields, mathematics opens doors to diverse opportunities, enabling individuals to make meaningful contributions to society. Beyond practical applications, engaging with mathematical concepts fosters an understanding of the world's intricacies.