Master of Arts in Teaching Curriculum

Developing skilled, experienced educators

The Master of Arts in Teaching program features an experiential curriculum that infuses best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion into the classroom. In addition to focusing on the mastery of content specialization, the teaching and learning process, and the application of educational research to classroom activities, the program pairs students with a semester-long student-teaching experience in a local school district.

At the completion of the program, graduates are prepared to meet professional certification requirements for elementary and secondary teaching in the state of Florida. Rollins’ long-standing connections with local schools offer a direct path to a classroom of your own.

Students complete a 2½-year program of study. In some cases, eligible students may complete the program on an accelerated track.

Core Courses

  • EDU 501 Sociological Foundations of Education
  • EDU 504 Psychological Foundations of Education
  • EDU 513 Curriculum Theory and Educational Assessment for Diverse Learners
  • EDU 580 The Multicultural Classroom: Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding

Elementary Education/ESOL (K-6) with Reading Endorsement Track

  • Additional Core Courses
    EDU 512 Strategies for Instruction, Learning, and Classroom Management
    EDU 533 Student Teaching: Elementary
    EDU 540 Seminar in Classroom Management
  • Elementary Specialization Courses
    EED 563 Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School
    EED 563L Elementary School Mathematics Lab
    EED 564 Teaching Elementary School Science
    EED 566 Teaching Elementary School Social Studies
  • Reading Sequence
    RED 509 Foundations of Reading
    RED 569 Research-Based Practices in Reading and Language Arts
    RED 575 Diagnostic Techniques in Reading
    RED 568 Differentiation in Language Arts and Content Area Instruction
    RED 577 Demonstration of Accomplishment in Reading

Secondary Education Track

  • Additional Core Courses
    EDU 517 Teaching (Specific Subject) in Secondary School
    EDU 517L Field Experience in Secondary Education
    EED 519 Integrated Arts in the Elementary School (music students only)
    EDU 522 Strategies for Instruction, Learning, and Classroom Management with Diverse Secondary Learners
    EDU 534 Student Teaching: Secondary
    EDU 535 Content Area Reading in Secondary Schools
    EDU 540 Seminar in Classroom Management

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Real-World Rigor

In addition to taking core and specialized courses, you’ll participate in at least 100 hours of pre-internship experiences in elementary and secondary settings and spend a full semester student-teaching at a local school.

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