What You Will Learn as a Latin American & Caribbean Major

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program provides a holistic and interdisciplinary course of study that explores the diverse cultures, history, ideologies, languages, literature, natural environment, and political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the challenges facing this critical region in the twenty-first century.

Rollins Latin American & Caribbean studies students walk through a rainforest in Costa Rica.

Global Citizenship

The interdisciplinary curriculum will provide you with a unique breadth and depth of knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean contributing to your formation as a global citizen. As a major in LACS you will complete at least one 300- or 400-level modern language course in one of the region’s widely-spoken languages: Spanish, French, or Portuguese. The LACS faculty recognizes that language proficiency is an essential step toward becoming a global citizen.

A Latin American & Caribbean professor speaks to two students about their project in class.

Responsible Leadership

The LACS program is dedicated to helping you develop into a responsible leader who is culturally sensitive and tolerant, prepared to work with diverse populations, dedicated to enacting positive social change, and always thinking critically about the world and your place in it. LACS courses will help you make connections between distinct academic disciplines and fields of knowledge, so you can engage in meaningful ways with the peoples, cultures, and issues of this region. Through the LACS program, you will gain a better understanding of the region, its challenges, and opportunities for development, as well as of the immigrants from these countries living in the United States.

A Latin American & Caribbean professor speaks to a class while pointing at a map of the region.

Productive Careers

As a result, as a graduate, you will have the skills necessary to engage productively and meaningfully when presented with the opportunity to work in the region or collaborate with people from Latin America and the Caribbean. The combination of courses, community engagement opportunities, and study abroad or field studies will prepare you for engagement with the Global South, whether in your career or other facets of your life.

Two Latin American & Caribbean studies students test water from a filtration system in a home in the Dominican Republic.

Meaningful Lives

,Your critical thinking skills, ability to interact with diverse people and community engagement experiences will prepare you to be an active and productive member of any community in which you find yourself.

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