What You Will Learn as a Jewish Studies Minor

The Jewish Studies Program focuses on the academic investigation of the religion, philosophy, history, and culture of the Jewish people and the interactions of this culture with the civilizations of the world.

A group of Rollins College jewish studies students gather for a meal.

Global Citizenship

The Jewish Studies Program directly addresses the goal of educating you for global citizenship through its interdisciplinary approaches to, and perspectives on, ancient and modern history, society, and the politics of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The program further reinforces the significance of global citizenship through its offerings of field studies to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and through our semester abroad programs and affiliation with institutions such as Tel Aviv University. Through the curriculum, you will gain comprehension of the variety of Jewish beliefs, practices, philosophical ideas, and an appreciation for contemporary issues facing the Jewish people and other minorities including evolving gender roles, and the impact of pluralism, globalism, science, technology, and secularism upon our cultures and identities. The program will hone your critical thinking and analytic writing skills and help prepare you for global citizenship by encouraging you to comprehend and evaluate the teachings, values, and practices of Judaism and its contributions to ancient civilizations, as well as their continued validity to our contemporary and increasingly pluralistic society.

A Rollins College student takes notes while in a religious studies class.

Responsible Leadership

You will have the chance to build responsible leadership skills through community engagement opportunities and internships with local organizations such as the Jewish Family Service, the Jewish Academy, and the Holocaust Memorial and Education Resource Center of Central Florida.

Rollins College professor, Yudit Greenberg, stands in her office near a bookcase.

Productive Careers

You will build your preparation for a productive career most directly through your participation in community engagement opportunities, field studies, internship programs, personal advising, and networking at social events.

Rollins College students making traditional jewish dishes.

Meaningful Lives

The element of meaningful lives is addressed in our core and elective courses that include a variety of course in religious studies, philosophy, history, and literature. Our focus is on critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and analytic writing. Courses such as the Hebrew Bible, Modern and Contemporary Jewish Thought, Love, Eros, and Religion, and The Problem of Evil and the Search for Meaning After the Holocaust are designed with the goal of encouraging you to wrestle with questions of free will, evil and suffering of the innocent, social justice, gender equality, and life’s meaning and purpose.