Department of History

History is dedicated to the understanding and imaginative reconstruction of past human activities, institutions, ideas, and aspirations in light of current knowledge, concerns, and hopes for the future. 

Key to a Liberal Education

History majors develop skills that prepare them for any number of professions—from traditional history professions to banking, law, government, and more.

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Extensive Expertise

The history faculty at Rollins College specializes in everything from the American South to Twentieth Century China.

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News & Announcements

Stay up to the minute on Department of History news, announcements, events, profiles, and more.

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International Education

Learn more about the study abroad opportunities afforded to Rollins history majors.

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About History at Rollins

The history faculty at Rollins College believe that the study of history is central to acquiring a liberal education. First, it provides an introduction to all other liberal arts subjects. Second, by illuminating our past, the study of history provides us with a sense of continuity and moral purpose. When we come to understand that those of the past have prepared the way for our present, we begin to appreciate the responsibility we have for the generations that come after.

Careers in History

What can you do with a history degree? Explore some of the most common history jobs and find out what Rollins history alums are doing.
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