What You Will Learn As A Critical Media & Cultural Studies Major

You'll develop as both a critical analyst and a critically-oriented producer of media and culture.

The "critical" in critical media and cultural studies stems from our commitments to: 1) critical thinking, 2) critical theory's analysis of social systems and the distribution of power and inequality, and 3) critical issues in our world today, including climate change, poverty, war, and mass incarceration. Our interdisciplinary program is grounded in values of equity, human rights, and social justice. We invite you to join our welcoming, inclusive community of scholar-citizens committed to living and building ethical, meaningful, and purposeful lives and careers.

Rollins students at an editing board between two computer screens

Global Citizenship

In CMC, we define “citizenship” as an active commitment to the public good, a civically engaged way of life. Together we explore interconnections between identity, community, and advocacy. In terms of identity, each of us will become more deeply self-reflective and self-conscious, aware of unearned advantages and disadvantages, strengths and opportunities for growth. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and fellow students, you will engage challenging social and community problems, identify their systemic causes, and develop and advance solutions.

Our program reflects and advances a thoroughly global perspective. In our courses, you will read, talk, write, and make media about cross-cultural and cross-national inequities such as racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, and colonialism.

Rollins students presenting in class.

Responsible Leadership

Part of the college’s mission is to foster responsible leadership. In CMC, we support you in developing and mobilizing your own agency. At the same time, you will reach past individual responsibility and practice collective civic engagement. 

Rollins student directing behind a camera

Productive Careers

In CMC, we define “productive” in this context as “ethical careers of purpose and service.” Time spent with us will build your capacity for transformative engagement across sectors, including public, nonprofit, and corporate.

Key skills you will gain in CMC include: critical thinking; synthesis of research findings; written communication; media production, including proficiencies in photo, sound, and video editing; oral communication and discussion facilitation; collaborative learning; and multicultural understanding and competence.

Rollins students speak to a professor about a class project.

Meaningful Lives

CMC defines “meaningful” in this context as “ethical lives of purpose and service.” For us, a “meaningful life” pushes beyond what feels fulfilling to any individual. As a collaborative member of our community, you will explore and build intentional visions of purpose and service.

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