What You Will Learn As A Business Management Major

Department's Mission

To provide students access to a high-quality education anchored in the liberal arts tradition and built on the design principles of responsible leadership, engaged experiential learning, global perspective and entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. Through our programs, we prepare students to lead meaningful lives and develop a productive career in a global business environment as a responsible leader and global citizen.

Rollins students travel internationally to learn about international business.

Global Citizenship

You will participate in a global experience to enhance your global perspective and increase your understanding of different cultures and your overall world knowledge. You will experience excellence in teaching and facilitated learning through our personalized environment, diverse teaching faculty and direct focus on students as individuals.

Rollins business classroom, professor discussing ethics.

Responsible Leadership

You will learn seminal leadership principles that can be used to lead others, individually and in groups. You will develop skills related to working and leading teams by problem-solving with real-life cases involving the use of business knowledge and ethical reasoning.

Rollins business alum works for Aldi's corporate office.

Productive Careers

You will develop broad intellectual and professional skills through presentations of case studies and projects that focus on building written and oral communication expertise. Courses develop skills related to collecting relevant business information and data needed for challenging and productive careers in a global workforce.

Rollins women in finance group meeting.

Meaningful Lives

Partaking in both liberal area studies and professional business foundational courses, you will be encouraged and nurtured to enjoy fulfilling and meaningful lives. The department’s major programs include area studies courses from a broad range of subjects that inspire innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in order to encourage personal self-development and broad civic improvement.

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