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Department of Art & Art History

Studio Art and Art History courses offer opportunities for practicing creativity, visual literacy, innovative problem-solving, cultural awareness, collaboration, and strong communication skills, all of which are essential to a 21st-century liberal arts education and professional life after graduation.


The Department is home to four academic programs: Art History, Studio Art, Classical Studies (also housed in the Philosophy and Religion Department), and Archaeology (also housed in the Anthropology Department), and is located in the Cornell Fine Arts Center (CFAC).

Faculty, staff, and students make up a diverse and vibrant community bound together by the shared purpose of understanding the history, theory, and practice of the visual arts.

The curriculum supports majors and minors in the visual arts and students majoring in other disciplines who wish to engage in the study of art history or a structured studio experience as part of their liberal arts education at Rollins College. Our course offerings reflect the diversity of the faculty's expertise, our attention to diverse student needs and the spirit of experimentation with new concepts and technologies in arts.

The Department enjoys a close working relationship with the Rollins Museum of Art, located next door on campus. The Museum hosts changing exhibitions, lectures, and educational programs. Each year, senior art majors present an exhibition of their work at the Museum. This capstone experience prepares studio majors to pursue a variety of art-related careers. Art history majors work with the Museum in their capstone, assisting with curating a professional exhibition.