Department of Physics



Galactic morphology and evolution.


Physical Acoustics

Ultrasonic behavior of exotic materials.


Physics is the study of the fundamental behavior of the natural world. Physicists seek to understand nature at the most basic level in order to establish an experimental and theoretical foundation for scientific knowledge. At Rollins College, faculty and students in the Department of Physics focus on a variety of areas including experimental and theoretical studies of musical instruments, galaxy formation, planetary evolution, physical acoustics, ultrasonic spectroscopy, and computational atomic scattering. Use the links above to learn more about the department, or stop by for a visit!

The Physics Program at Rollins

The physics program at Rollins provides students with the opportunity to pursue a degree in physics in a vibrant, liberal-arts environment. Physics majors at Rollins receive an excellent education in physics, while enjoying a special relationship with their faculty mentors. Our state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories ensure a challenging and rewarding classroom environment, while providing opportunities for you to interact closely with faculty.


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