Department of Business

The Department of Business is the hub for two synergistic undergraduate business programs: Business Managment and International Business.

Beyond Business as Usual

The Business Management program prepares students to lead transformational change across a variety of business types.

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Think Globally

International Business majors develop broad global and strategic perspectives on business issues rather than narrow functional perspectives.

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First-Class Faculty

Our programs are taught by faculty with the highest level of qualifications who maintain a vibrancy and currency in their fields through research and publishing in peer-reviewed journals, presenting at professional conferences, and engaging in other scholarly activates each year.

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Mission Statement

We provide students access to a high-quality education anchored in the liberal arts tradition and infuse the design principles of responsible leadership, engaged experiential learning, triple bottom line, global perspective and entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, thereby preparing them to compete in a global business environment as responsible leaders and global citizens.

Rollins College Department of Business is committed to:

  • emphasizing excellence in teaching and student learning through the personalized environment and direct student focus;
  • developing students' knowledge and understanding of different cultures and fostering a deep appreciation of diversity;
  • providing broad intellectual and professional development to students through coursework, student organizations and research opportunities;
  • rewarding faculty excellence in teaching and research and service, thereby enhancing their ability to make meaningful contributions to the college, the local community and their academic field; and
  • applying inputs from constituencies, such as business practitioners and students, regarding their education need and their view of Rollins College Department of Business's quality.

About the Department of Business

Rollins offers a business education of the highest quality while allowing undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the breadth and richness of a liberal education. Unique to the College, Rollins’ Department of Business is a synergistic hub for two academic programs: Business Managment and International Business.

Two Distinguished Programs

Each of the two academic programs offered in the Rollins Department of Business is accredited by AACSB, the world’s premier business accrediting organization. This puts the Department of Business in rare company. In fact, only three percent of business programs in the world have attained this level of quality accreditation. Our programs are distinguished:

  • The Business Management major a participating member of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.
  • The International Business major is a participating member of Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE).

Business Management

Beyond business as usual. With an emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, the Business Management program provides a solid foundation in business theory and practice, entrepreneurship, and innovation, preparing students to lead transformational change across a variety of business types.
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International Business

To compete in today's global market, organizations must understand the opportunities presented by globalization. In the Rollins College International Business degree programs, students gain the experience to meet these challenges as they prepare for a variety of roles.
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